About Parallel Tracking in Google Adwords

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What is Parallel Tracking

A Parallel Tracking is kind of tracking method that helps the customer to directly reach the landing page. Previously without parallel tracking when the customer clicks on an ad he then takes to tracking site and then landing page

Whereas now with parallel tracking when the customer clicks on ad he then has directly taken to the landing page and the information is tracking by Google in the ground.it is making two things at a time so that it is called Parallel tracking

This method is applicable only for new Google ads experience

In your AdWords account if there is a Gear icon in top right corner side then you are experiencing a Previous ads

In your words account if there is a Tool icon at the top right corner side then you are experiencing a new google ads

Currently parallel tracking is only available for Search campaign and Shopping Campaign as an optional

Before you Begin:

Before you begin this process try to check with the click measurement provider to make sure their system is compatible for parallel tracking. because if their system is not supporting the parallel tracking then our click measurement or landing page could stop working when you turn this setting on.

Sometimes your click measurement provider wants you to edit the ing template or they may do it for you learn more about Tracking template

How to turn on Parallel Tracking

  • Sign in to Adwords account
  • left side you can see the ing option
  • Click on the setting option where you can see two options like campaign settings and account settings
  • Click on account settings and then click on tracking template
  • And te you can see a parallel tracking next to the there you can enable or disable the option as you like

How does it works

With Parallel tracking turn on when a customer clicks on ad it directly taken to landing page of the website and the measurement is done in the background

Here is what happens:

  • Customer clicks an ad
  • Landing on the ing page of the website

And at the same time

  • Google ads tracks the clicks
  • tracker url loads
  • information is collected

Without Parallel tracking, customer redirects to two to three tracking URLs and then finally landing page. It takes much time to redirect into a landing page so there is a chance of loss of customer

Here is What happens

  • Customer clicks an ad
  • He then taken to tracking urls
  • Tracking urls load
  • Possible additional urls can be loaded
  • Then reach to landing page

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