Accelerated Ad Delivery Vs. Standard in Google Adwords

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About Ad Delivery

Your ad delivery method can determine how long your budget lasts.

If your budget is limited, choose a “standard” or “accelerated” ad delivery method to determine the pace you want your ads to show throughout the day. This article outlines the two types of ad delivery methods and when you may want to use them.

When you have a Google AdWords campaign with “All Features” enabled, you have a choice of how your ads are delivered, Standard and Accelerated, which determine how often your ad is shown and how quickly your budget is used.

The standard delivery method, which is the default in AdWords, aims to deliver your ads in a way that distributes ad budget evenly throughout each day.

Accelerated delivery displays your ad more frequently as soon as each day starts until your budget is reached.

Because the delivery method is impacted by budget, it is extremely useful to know the differences between standard and accelerated delivery, especially if your budget is limited. So which method should you use? Here are some pros and cons of each to help you decide whether to use standard or accelerated ad delivery in AdWords.

Standard Ad Delivery

The standard delivery method aims to evenly distribute your budget across the entire day (12 a.m. – 11:59 p.m.) to avoid exhausting your budget early on.

With standard delivery, the first problem, or solution (depending on how you look at it), is that your entire budget may not be used. Google’s algorithm will guess from previous data to see how often your keyword is likely to be triggered and how much it will cost. But the actual data might be different than the prediction. When the number of searches for your keyword isn’t as high (in volume or in cost) as the algorithm predicts, you will end up with the unspent budget.

Because standard delivery spreads your budget throughout the day, you will miss out on some morning searches in order to show up later in the day. Depending on your business this may not be beneficial. If you’re advertising a breakfast cafe you definitely want your ads showing as much as possible in the morning!

Recommended for new advertisers, this delivery method is useful if you want to reach customers evenly throughout the day. If you have a small budget, this method can also help you avoid spending your entire budget in the morning. For instance, if you run a gourmet food delivery business, you’d want to make sure you reach customers at breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Since your ad delivery occurs throughout the day, you might not see your ad appear every time you look for it, particularly if your campaign is limited by budget. The only way to tell which time of day gets more conversions to see what the data says and standard delivery will help you learn when you get more clicks, more conversions, a higher click-through rate, a better position, etc. Once you have the data you can create an ad schedule to show ads at the most effective times of the day.

Accelerated Ad Delivery

With accelerated delivery, there is a better chance your budget will be completely used each day. This is because Google enters your ad into every eligible ad auction as long as you have budget left until your limit is reached. If you have a high volume keyword and a limited budget, your ad might stop showing around noon

Tries to spend your daily budget as quickly as possible. Once your daily budget is reached your ads will stop showing until the following day

Accelerated delivery is great for getting a top position with a low budget. Because accelerated aims to use your budget as fast as possible, your ads may show up higher on the page and get more costly clicks.

You may get more clicks with accelerated delivery than standard because of higher ad positioning, which will allow more people to notice your ads Google will try to add you into each auction for page results as quickly as possible. So, it’s likely that you will receive more clicks overall than if you were to use standard delivery.

Which is the best Ad delivery to be used

Consider what you’re selling, what kind of clients you are hoping to reach, and what times work best for your product. Set yourself some budgets and timelines for testing. The best way to find out is to test each method and find out which one works best for you.

How to Set Up Accelerated Delivery

  1. Open up AdWords
  2. Select a campaign
  3. Click the Settings tab
  4. Click + Delivery Method and hit Edit
  5. Select Accelerated Method
  6. Click SAVE


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