Ad Extensions to be used in Adwords

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What Is Ad Extension

Ad Extensions are extra snippets of relevant information about your business that can be added to your AdWords text ads. These can include your business’ location, phone number, business ratings, and more. You should select ad extensions that will help your advertising campaign to better meet your business goals. Ad extensions are a factor in calculating Ad Rank.

Mainly these ad extensions are used in the search network, whereas in display network we can only a few extensions depending upon the space availability

As a general rule, there is no additional cost for taking advantage of ad extension options.

Some ad extensions are automated, which means AdWords automatically adds the extension information to your ad and these include click to call an automated calling, Sitelink extensions. Other ad extensions are manual, meaning you can choose to customize your ads according to your own preferences. A full list of extension types can be found here.

That’s why, when you search on Google for something, you often see sponsored results that look different from each other.

You’ll see results like these.

ad extension

Or maybe you’ll get results like these.

Ad extension

Can you see the differences?

The reason shy different results look different is that the marketers behind the scenes are leveraging different AdWords extensions.

Some of them are doing it well, while others aren’t doing it quite so well.

You need to make sure that you use the right extensions for your business.

here are ten extensions that you should be using

1. Sitelink extensions

The first extension you should know about is the site link extension.

These little beauties are additional links that sit under your primary result link.

They go to other popular pages on your website — may be your blog, special offers, menu, reviews, or pricing page.

Whatever the case, you can use these extensions to encourage users to choose where they’d like to go instead of having them visiting your homepage or landing page when they click on your result.

sitelink extension

By using the sitelink extension, you allow users to quickly and easily get where they want to go on your website.

Because, when people type in your brand name, they want to go somewhere on your website.

2. Call extensions

Google Adwords Call Extensions give customers a convenient way to call your business directly from within the search results. And of course, they can be combined with other extensions like Call outs and location extensions to great effect.

It looks like this.

call extension

It’s important for any business that offers customer support or sales via phone.

By adding that button, you tell customers that you’re just a phone call away, which builds trust and makes you feel more approachable

3. App extensions

App Extensions allow you to add a mobile app download button next to your Search Ad. It attaches your thumbnail icon, name, and a customizable call to action button beneath your text ad

Today, having an app is practically a must for any serious SaaS or e-commerce company.

MailChimpShopify, and Amazon all have native applications for their services and products.

And the reason is that browsing on an app is often easier than browsing on a mobile website.

If you do have an app, you might want to consider using the AdWords app extension. It looks like this

app extension

Another example

app extension

51% of people buying products on their smartphone use an app rather than a website.

4. Review extensions

A review is a way of assuring the visitor that they’re going to love your product or service before they even buy it. And they’re important because everyone looks at reviews.

Well, the review extension allows you to add a short testimonial to your AdWords advertisement. It gives searchers the review they’re craving upfront.

Review extensions look like this:

review extension

You can exploit its power right in the search results.

That means that you’ll get more clicks, traffic, leads, and conversions

5. Callout extensions

These are additional descriptive text that allows you to “callout” features or services. Like previous examples, these also increase the size of your ad giving you an additional line of benefit-oriented text.

Callout extensions are separated by a dot in the screenshot below:

call out extension

You can use the extension to say a variety of different things.

You can use it to describe the kinds of products you offer, promote a special deal you currently have going or call out your specific target market

6. Structured snippets extensions

The structured snippet extension offers another opportunity for you to tell searchers what your business sells

show additional information about various categories of your site or information Google deems relevant

Here’s what it looks like in action:

structured snippet

The purpose of this snippet is to explain to customers the kind of products, styles, or services you offer.

You can quickly list a few different options that visitors will have if they click through to your website.

That way, searchers will know who you are and what you offer before they even visit your website

7. Location extensions

These are also hyperlinked and clickable, which naturally draws more attention. A location extension is listed on its own separate line – effectively increasing the entire ad’s size. Plus, on mobile, they provide a link with directions to your business

It’s really simple to include your address on your result, and it’s well worth the trust that you’ll build with searchers.

location extension

8. Offer extensions

The truth is People love discounts This type of extensions help us to put offers in our adwords text ad

And you can use the offer extension to do so, just like this:

offer extension

9. Social extensions

show your Google page information like the number of followers or even images of friends who also like the company showing the ad.

Unfortunately, you can only connect it to your Google+ account. But that’s better than nothing, right?

Here’s what it looks like

Social extension

If you have a particularly high number of followers or likes on your business’s Google+ account, then it would definitely be worth your time to include this extension

10.Price extensions

Price extensions allow you to better showcase your services, products, and pricing, by linking search users directly to those sections of your site. They appear below text ads on both desktop and mobile, displaying as a set of up to 8 cards that people can view to see different options and prices

price extension

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