Ad Rotation updates in Google Ads

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What is an Ad Rotation

Ad Rotation is nothing but an option that presents in AdWords account where it helps advertisers to appear the ad evenly The right ad rotation can help you show your best ads to people looking for what you have to offer. However, it’s not always clear which rotation makes the most sense for your business. Below are the two different options that we use in Ad rotation

Here is the option looks like

ad rotation

Optimize: prefer best performing ads

This option optimizes your ad according to the relevancy, location, and devices that people use.  “optimize” setting prioritizes ads that are expected to perform better than other ads within an ad group. This setting will optimize your ads for clicks in each individual auction using signals like keyword, search term, device, location and more.

Using an optimized Ad rotation with different types of ads in Ad groups can also have a chance of increasing number clicks and impression. The more of your ads our system can choose from, the better the expected ad performance.

Do not optimize: Rotate Ads indefinitely

This option is used for rotating ads to give your ads equal preference, it will be the sole option for an even rotation going forward.

Whereas Optimize option works best for advertisers though many advertisers are still unhappy with the optimize option. some prefer do not optimize option for equal preference for every Ad




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