Add Negative keywords to campaign

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Before you begin you need to know about negative keywords

How to add negative keywords to campaign or ad group


  • Sign in to your Google AdWords account
  • click on keywords in the left side
  • then navigate to negative keywords
  • there you choose either ” Add negative keywords or create new list ” or “ Use negative keyword list”
  • If you want to add keywords by your own then select the
    ” Add negative keywords or create the new list “
  • Then click “add to” drop down where you can choose campaign or ad group
  • If you choose a campaign select the campaign name, if you choose ad group then select the ad group name
  • Down the line add negative keywords and click save

Note: If you are using negetive keyword for search campaign then you can use different keyword match types like broad match , phrase match, exact match

Whereas coming to display campaign and video campaign you can select only exact match types

negetive keywords

How to create negative keyword list

  • Sign in to Google AdWords account
  • click the negative keyword list
  • then click on + symbol to create a list
  • Provide a name for the list, and add keywords
  • click save
negative keywords

How to add negative keyword list to campaign

  • Sign in to google Adwords
  • click on campaigns, then select a campaign that you want to add keyword list
  • then click on edit navigate to edit targeting
  • then choose negative keyword list
negative keyword

negative keywords

negative keywords

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