AdWords Search Qualification

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An advertiser can apply mobile bid adjustments at which of the following levels? *


Ad level

Campaign level

Account level

Keyword level


An advertiser who sells designer dresses is selecting a landing page to pair with new ads for spring dresses. A good landing page for the spring dress collection ads would display: *


A page of the top-selling dresses for all seasons

Several colours of spring dresses

Spring dresses, skirts, belts, and shoes

A catalogue of all dresses available on the website


If an advertiser has the same keyword in two different ad groups, the one to win a given auction will be the keyword with the: *


Highest Ad Rank

Highest maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bid

Most historical data in the account

Best Quality Score


Which is the quickest way to add a long list of locations to target in an AdWords campaign? *


Enter a value in the “Show my ads within” box

Add locations as keywords to the campaign

Select “Bulk locations” in the advanced section of a campaign’s location settings

Search for each location in the search tab of location settings


An ad group contains the phrase-matched keyword “underwater camera.” Which search query may trigger an ad in this ad group to display? *


Underwater camera case

Camera for use underwater

Water-proof camera

Affordable underwater digital camera


Exact Match Impression Share metrics: *


Summarize impression share statistics for all keywords currently set to exact match

Calculate impression share as if all keywords were set to exact match

Are available for both Search and Display Network campaigns

Are only available at the account level


An advertiser selling computer monitors is writing new ad text for an existing ad group. Which meets AdWords editorial and professional requirements? *


Cheap, cheap, cheap monitors

BUY affordable LCDs

20-70% off LCD monitors

**Free** shipping on LCDs


You can add a “+” modifier in front of the words in a broad match keyword to: *


Override a negative keyword with a positive one

Indicate that this keyword should be dynamically inserted in your ad text

Specify that certain words and their close variants be prioritized

Specify that someone’s search must include certain words or their close variations


Intergalactic Teleportation Inc uses AdWords to generate leads for their sales team. Leads are tracked by Conversion Tracking via a Contact Sales form. The sales team converts 10% of leads into deals. For each deal an additional 15% of business is gained from word-of-mouth. Which formula best describes value-per-conversion? *


(Average deal value) * (10%) / (115%)

(Average deal value) * (0.15)

(Average deal value) * (10%) * (115%)

(Average deal value) * (10%) * (15%)


Which determines a keyword’s clickthrough rate (CTR)? *


Number of impressions divided by the number of clicks

Number of clicks accrued per day

Number of clicks divided by the number of impressions

Number of impressions divided by the average position


An advertiser who sells laptop computers only wants to reach consumers who are ready to make an immediate purchase online. When building the keyword list for an ad group, the advertiser should include: *


Negative match keywords such as -buy or -purchase

Phrase match keywords such as “laptop” or “computer”

Negative match keywords such as -review or -comparison

Exact match keywords such as [rate], or [compare]


How could an advertiser determine the most profitable keywords within a campaign? *


Identify the keywords with the highest clickthrough rates (CTRs)

Compare the total clicks to total conversions for each keyword in the account

Compare the costs accrued by each keyword with the conversion data for that keyword

Identify the keywords with the lowest “first page bid estimates”


Jane uses AdWords to promote her online shoe store and her conversion rate has remained constant over the last year. While checking her web server logs for December, she notices she sometimes gets two clicks from the same IP address within a few minutes. The most likely cause of this is: *


Automated software designed to click on her ads

Users who click on an ad on the Google Display Network

Users who are comparing shoes

Inaccurate web server log information


A high quality Score can: *


Be achieved with an increase in bid

Be assigned to negative keywords

Prevent an ad from being served

Improve an ad’s position


AdWords Editor allows users to: *


Find relevant ads on Google partner sites

Invite new users to share accounts

Make live edits to multiple accounts simultaneously

Access multiple accounts offline


Which are key elements to keep in mind when optimizing a landing page for AdWords? *


Prominent headlines in several font styles and text sizes

Clear landing page layout and several links to related websites

Correct programming language used to construct site

Relevant and original content that clearly represents the business


Business listings in Google Places can be: *


Physical locations or mobile applications

Entered into their own ad auction

Location extensions in AdWords

Conversions in AdWords


The IP Exclusion tool allows advertisers to: *


Determine which IP addresses have seen ad

Discover IP addresses of competitors

Obtain IP addresses for valuable website visitors

Prevent specific IP addresses from seeing their ads


Assuming default cookie expiration timing, a conversion (1-per-click) is recorded when: *


Multiple conversions result from a single AdWords ad click

A single conversion is made within 30 days following an AdWords ad click

A user clicks on an AdWords ad

A user visits a website within 30 days of clicking on an AdWords ad


On which tab can advertisers see credits for invalid clicks within their AdWords accounts? *





My account


You own a pizzeria in downtown Chicago. With call extensions, a customer who searches for pizza on her mobile phone can see your ad along with your phone number and make the call with one click. How is that priced? *


Click-to-call ads are flat-fee based on the caller’s phone model

The cost is the same as a standard click on the ad

Prices are negotiated in advance with discounts for bulk purchases

Click-to-call ads are priced by the minute based on the call’s duration

If the query “Seattle plumbers” is entered into Google, Google will use


the location term that is part of the query to show ads: *


That have included “Seattle” as an exact match in keyword lists

Targeted to Seattle, regardless of the user’s location as long as they are in the US

To that user based on IP (Internet Protocol) address

Targeted to areas surrounding the city of Seattle


What are Sitelinks? *


Links to more pages of your site that appear beneath the text of your Search ads

Links to other websites that appear beneath the text of your Search ads

Links from your site to other sites

Links from other sites to your site


An advertiser made edits to an AdWords ad and noticed that the position of the ad decreased. What is the most likely cause for the decrease in position? *


The advertiser’s landing page is down for maintenance

The edited ad has a lower conversion rate after the changes were made

The Quality Score for the account was reset after the ad was edited

The edited ad is less relevant to the keywords within the ad group


An advertiser’s ad is not appearing in the Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool when exact keywords are queried. Which action would help the advertiser to determine why the ad is not showing? *


Use the Keyword Tool to include more variations of a given keyword

Run a keyword diagnosis for the keyword in question

View the Search Query Performance Report to determine the root cause

Perform Google searches on the same keywords to build data points


What is the definition of actual cost-per-click (CPC)? *


The least possible CPC the advertiser needs to pay to maintain a

n achieved position

The CPC an advertiser was charged minus credits for overshot daily budget

The average CPC the advertiser needs to pay in order to achieve top position

The CPC according to a price list, which is then updated daily


An advertiser wants to increase the position of an ad on Google, but is not willing to raise bids to accomplish this goal. What else should the advertiser do in an attempt to increase Ad Rank? *


Make changes to improve the Quality Score of the ad’s keywords

Change keyword match types from exact match to phrase match

Lower bids on keywords with high clickthrough rates (CTRs)

Review Impression Share report data to identify missed opportunities


Which best describes the relationship between maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bids and Ad Rank? *


An increased CPC bid leads directly to a large increase in Ad Rank

CPC bid is one factor that affects Ad Rank

An increased CPC bid leads directly to a small increase in Ad Rank

CPC bid only affects Ad Rank on the Search Network


Information an advertiser would find in the Change History tool would be: *


Timestamps for when ads were approved or disapproved

Credit card information associated with the account

Changes made by the Ad Automator feature

Adjustments made to the daily budget


How should advertisers use their websites to help them structure their accounts? *


Organize keywords to cover each word represented on the website

Add the website’s URL as a keyword to each ad group

Organize ad groups and campaigns to reflect the layout of the website

Add the headings from the website as keywords across campaigns

At which level of an AdWords account can an advertiser make


changes to network and location targeting settings? *





Ad group


An advertiser enabled TCPA (Conversion Optimizer) and noticed a decrease in the number of conversions. What could have caused this decrease to occur? *


The specific TCPA (Conversion Optimizer) code snippet was not added to the site

The ads in the campaign are waiting to be approved

The cost-per-click (CPC) bid was lower than the recommended amount

The maximum cost-per-acquisition (CPA) bid was lower than the recommended amount


Often, the “last click” before a conversion gets all the credit. But there are often assist clicks and assist impressions that help guide your customers to conversion. Which built-in AdWords report can show you this performance data? *


Billing Preferences

AdWords Editor

Campaign Settings



Jane’s e-commerce site sells a wide variety of bicycle equipment. She wants to estimate her profit-per-conversion for each ad group to get a sense of which ad groups are immediately profitable in the short term. Which formula best estimates Jane’s profit-per-conversion before advertising expenses? *


(Avg Revenue per Order) * (Profit Margin)

(Avg CPC) * (Conversion Rate)

(Total Profit) / (Total Revenue)

(Avg Profit per Order) * (Conversion Rate)


An advertiser notices that clicks have suddenly increased and is concerned that they might be due to invalid activity. What is the first thing the advertiser should do to investigate this situation? *


Submit new ad text variations for review

Look at click patterns over time and rule out legitimate reasons for increased activity

Pause the affected campaign until an invalid clicks investigation is complete

Submit an invalid click report to the Google AdWords team


In an AdWords account managed by multiple users, one user noticed a surprising jump in impressions. Where should this user look for details on what might have created the impression increase? *


Keyword Tool

Change History

Billing Summary

Campaign Settings


AdWords Campaign Experiments allow you to… *


Test changes to your account for a portion of the auctions that your ads participates in

Automate different images and text on your site to understand what converts most effectively

Request a formal analysis from Google’s Campaign Experiments team that isolates the effect of online advertisements on offline purchases


Receive written feedback from users based on their experience on your site

An advertiser in Canada wants to view ads as they would appear to users in Mexico. Which tool should this advertiser use to accomplish this goal? *


Placement Tool

Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool

Search-based Keyword Tool

Traffic Estimator


An advertiser that uses ad scheduling has a custom bid adjustment for 9pm- 12am on weeknights. The normal bid is USD$0.40 and the bid multiplier is 75%. How much is the advertiser bidding between 9pm-12am on weeknights? *







What kind of click volume increase is likely to be immediately filtered from an AdWords campaign? *


automated clicks

improvement in an ad’s position

“peak season” of a product or service

A related press release


A user clicks on an ad promoting a sale on sneakers. Upon clicking, the user is taken to a page that does not contain sneakers, but rather discount sunglasses. The user also encounters pop-ups while trying to navigate the site. What should the advertiser do to improve the user’s experience? *


Ensure that the pop-ups relate to the user’s search

Provide original content that cannot be found on another site

Edit the ad text to promote the sunglasses in addition to the sneakers

Link to the webpage that is relevant to the ad and remove the pop-ups


A florist is advertising five types of flowers, including red roses. When a user types the phrase “red roses” into Google, the advertiser’s ad is displayed and clicked on. Which landing page is more likely to convert to a sale? *


The “Contact Us” page of the site

The page on the site that displays only roses

The page on the site where users can register as “frequent shoppers”

The homepage that displays all five types of flowers


Which is a recommended action for new mobile preferred ad creative? *


Use exact match

Only Target Search Network

Use a mobile-optimized landing page

Only Integrate Mobile Flash video ads


An advertiser notices that the clickthrough rate (CTR) in one ad group has significantly decreased throughout the past few weeks. What could this advertiser do in an attempt to increase CTR and maintain relevant website traffic? *


Use keyword matching options to help remove irrelevant searches

Edit the ad text to include a more relevant destination URL

Upgrade to a faster web server to reduce page load time

Redesign the landing page to create a better experience for users


“Mobile app engagement” campaigns can be used to: *


Re-engage people who’ve downloaded an app

Encourage people to rate an app in the app store

Increase in-store call conversions

Encourage people to download a new app

Where on an e-commerce website should an advertiser install the AdWords Conversion Tracking code? *


Confirmation page after a purchase

Shopping cart header

Landing page of an ad

Website homepage


The keyword insertion code in an ad’s headline reads: “Buy {KeyWord:Books}.” The related ad appeared when a user searched “flower books” and the query expanded to a broad-matched keyword in the account, “gardening books.” In this example, how would the ad’s headline be displayed? *


Buy keyword books

Buy flower books

Buy Gardening Books

Buy Books


A new coffeehouse downtown would like to run an “afternoon espresso” promotion to increase sales during the afternoon hours on weekdays. Which AdWords feature is most effective for preventing their search ads from appearing at night or on weekends? *


Managed placements

Keyword Planner

Custom ad scheduling

Automatic bidding

In order to differentiate ads from the ads of competitors, advertisers creating text ads should: *


Include prices, promotions, and a call-to-action

Use exclamation points and capital letters

Mention competitor offers and prices

Use special characters, such as asterisks or hashes

To improve the performance of an ad group on the Search Network, advertisers should create ad groups containing: *


Destination URLs set at the ad group level

Keywords that are also included in the ad text

At least 50 keywords

Managed placements and keywords


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