App Campaign Adwords

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App Campaign is an app engagement ad that allows you to write specific text to attract the customer that leads to more app installs. It allows you to promote app across Google, Playstore, Youtube and on Google display network

Learn how to create app campaigns

As an app advertiser, you want to make your app brand and get your app in the hands of paying users. So how do you connect with those people??? Here App campaign in Adwords has brought you the process for making easy to promote your app across Google, Playstore, Youtube, and Display network

Just add a few lines of text that attract the custmores and bid, budget, Locations

Basically, once you finish up adding some attractive text ad, assets, budget, bid, Locations. Google ads automatically generate the ad according to the network. Google ads also take care of
which copy/visual combinations drive best results to make that as their priority ad over the others

There are two types of objectives that results in Bidding, those are. CPI and CPA

CPI( Cost per installs ):

It allows Google to drive as many as app installs. Your bid should be the amount of money you’re willing to pay for each install. r

CPA(Cost per aquisition)

 This tells Google Ads to drive as many installs as possible from the people who are most likely to take valuable (revenue-generating) in-app actions given the constraints of your budget. Your bid should be the amount of money you’re willing to pay for each in-app conversion action. If you choose this campaign objective, you first need to set up conversion tracking so Google Ads can collect data on the users who complete particular in-app conversion actions.

Where your app ads can appear??

Adwords app promotion allows us to appear ad on Google search and Google play store, including Google search partners like youtube, Google display network

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