Attribution modeling in Google Adwords

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What is Attribution model

In this post, you will learn about changes attribution models in Google Adwords. Every conversion that has been configured inside the Google AdWords ( or imported from the google analytics ) allows you to select an attribution model

This lets you control how credit is given to the campaign, ad group, and keyword when the conversion occurs

For instance, let us assume that customer clicks on two of your ads for different keywords you can choose which of your ad making the credit for the conversions

Attribution model will be able to give a better understanding of how our ads perform and for which ad conversion happens and helps you to optimize users conversion path

you can even understand user behavior like how they search for the products and exactly they do before purchasing a product

In this post, you will learn how to use attribution model and, how to set up the attribution model for conversion tracking and bid adjustments

NOTE: Attribution model works only for clicks in search network and shopping campaign not for display or youtube

Benefits of using Attribution model

  • Reach potential customers by understanding their behavior and conversion path
  • keenly observe the user behavior for your product, and choose the model that suits your business best
  • Optimize bids based on the better understanding of your ad performance

Different attribution models used in Google Adwords

First click model: It gives all credit for the conversion to the first clicked an ad and the corresponding keyword

Last click model: It gives all credit for the conversion to the last clicked ad and corresponding keyword

Linear model: It gives all credit for the conversion to equally across all paths

Time decay: It gives credit for the conversion for the closest keyword consumer within a few hours of conversion

Position based model: it gives credit for 40% of conversion to the first and last click ads and the remaining 20% will be given across the other clicks on the path.

Data-driven model: Distributes credit for the conversion based on past data for this conversion action. (This is only available to accounts with enough data.)

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