Auto Tagging Adwords

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What is Auto Tagging Adwords :

Auto-tagging is a feature that allows you to avail some metrics when you turn on

  • Track the clicks information on the website and all your browsers
  • Import conversion data into Google ads from Google analytics as well as other additional sources like customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Import Google ads campaign data and cost data into Google Analytics
  • Import Google analytics metrics like Bounce rate, and average session duration, into  Google ads

Auto-tagging is necessary for every Google ads to account it is used to track the offline conversions of your business such as sales that happened at your online store because of online advertising

How Auto tagging works :

If someone clicks on your ad. Auto tagging adds a bit of additional information with a small parameter called GCLIDGoogle click Id” to the URL that people click through

For instance, let us take your URL is when you enable auto-tagging your final URL of the landing page URL look like this

If you have Auto tagging enabled and Google analytics code inserted in WordPress. GCLID tracks are stored in a new Google Analytics cookie on your site’s domain

Enable Auto tagging Adwords new interface:

Google ads have released new Adwords user interface. To enable auto-tagging in your Adwords interface follow the process

Step by step process:

  • There you can see two options available there those are Campaign settings, Account settings
  • Click on the Account settings tab
  • Click on “Auto-tagging ” option and make it enable
    Tag the URL that people click through from my ad click Save

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