Automated targeting in display network

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What is automated targeting

Automated targeting helps to optimize the targeted options and letting you reach more people in and around the same cost

There are two types of automated targetings they are conservative targeting, aggressive targeting

Both types helps you to reach additional customers around the same cost but aggressive targeting applies more variations to your targeting

For instance let us assume if your keyword is “mouse” conservative tageting extends up to “hp mouse” “dell mouse” etc

whereas aggressive targeting extends up to “laptops” “chargers” ” mouse pads”. Automated targeting works for remarketing also

Remarketing: If your remarketing list consists of travel visitors about India. conservative targeting extend to people visiting Delhi tourist destinations

Conservative Vs Aggrerssive targeting

Conservative targeting helps to optimize targeting options and reach more people in and around the same cost. Whereas aggressive targeting applies more variations than conservative

If you have a limited budget and you want to reach more customers and make conversions then conservative targeting is the best targeting method to use. The main advantage of conservative targeting over aggressive targeting is it reaches more people without exceeding cost per customer( Cost per acquisition)

automated targeting

This type of targeting options available only for display network campaign

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