Automatic placements Adwords

automatic placements
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What are Automatic placements:

Usually, placements in Ad words is defined as a location or website in Display network where advertiser choose to display their ad. There are two types of placements available in AdWords they are Automatic and Managed placements

Whereas coming to automatic placements. it is a term used in Google ads to reflect the Webpages, apps, youtube videos, youtube channel in the Display network Where your ads are shown automatically based on targeting options you select like Keywords, Topics

Whereas coming to managed placements. It is a term used in Google ads that allows the advertiser to select the placements manually according to their wish where they want to appear Ads

How Automatic Placement works

Automatic placements work for only” Display network “and “search network with display network” Campaign then if you use targeting method in automatic placements then your ad is shown automatically on certain websites or app based on your targeting

If you don’t want to use automatic placements you can choose managed placements by selecting placements manually that you wish to display ad on a certain website or app

For instance, let us assume if you are using a keyword for the ad group then your ad is placed on a certain website that is related to your keyword list

Suppose you are using a “hair” Keyword then your ad is placed automatically in the websites that have a Hair keyword in their content

Those websites would appear as automatic placements. You can enable or disable the automatic placements whenever you wish

Hi You Can Access All My Digital Marketing Videos for Free. Visit My YouTube Channel

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