Change history in Google Adwords

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A tool that used to list out the changes that you have made from past two years like when you passed your campaign and when you resume it, and what type of keywords you were added before and after and even removed. and the budget you have put etc

You can view changes for particular date range and time and also can filter according to the categories like campaigns, Ad group, change type, Item changed, tool, user, Campaign experiment, account budget

In change history tool you can even view the impressions, clicks, click through rate, conversions for each and every change
mapped to your account data, you can easily compare the data for making changes and helps to find which changes data may have contributed to changes in your performance

change history

If you have given access to someone. this tool also helps you to find who made certain changes

You can view changes in ad changes, bid changes, budget changes, keyword changes, network changes, status changes, targeting changes

If you would still want to view what exactly the changes are you can click on show details

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