Cognizant Adwords Interview Questions

Hi Guys, You all knew that Cognizant  is hiring Huge Students for Google Adwords process. What they look in a candidate is Good communication skils and Good subject knowledge on Google Adwords Modules. There  are different process in cognizant for Adwords like Ad review, Content Review, Campaign Management etc. If you have good subject knowledge on Google ads you can apply for this Job.

As many studnets don’t have practical knowledge on Google adwords i have create Videos to help them clear the interview. Following are the Video links where you will get complete knowledge on Google Adwords.

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What is Google Ad                                   
How Adwords Works                            
Adwords Account structure              
Adwords vs Adwords express           
Adwords Tutorial                                      

Search Network Beginners                

Search Network Advanced                
How to edit Adwords Campaigns 
manual vs Automatic Bidding         
factor Affecting Adrank                      
Keyword Match Types                         
Ad Extensions                                           
Auction Insights                                       
Conversion Tracking                             
Display Network                                     
Gmail Ads                                                     
Video Ads                                                     
Universal Campaign                               


Cogniaznt Adwords Questions and Answers

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  1. What is Impression
  2. What is Clicks
  3. What is Adrank
  4. What is Daily Budget
  5. Adwords Account Structure
  6. Types of Networks in Google Ad
  8. What is Quality Score
  9. What is Adrank Score
  10. Ad Rank depends on What
  11. Location Options
  12. Standard vs Accelerated
  13. Ad Rotation
  14. Ad Schedule
  15. Keyword Match Types
  16. Ad extensions
  17. Ad Approval process
  18. Manual vs Automatic Bidding
  19. Auction Insights
  20. Keyword planner
  21. Conversion Tracking
  22. Frequency capping
  23. Remarketing
  24. Merchant Account
  25. My Client Center
  26. Adwords editor
  27. Google Forwarding Number
  28. GCLID
  29. Call Only Ad
  30. Off  Line Conversions


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