Digital Marketing for Btech Students

Before we are stepping ahead, let us look at the opportunities that Digital Marketing is going to create.

  • 150000 digital marketing related jobs are going to create by the end of 2020
  • Digital Marketing is expected to grow by 45% more than what it is used to be in 2018-19
  • Mobile will account for 87.35% of total digital spending of 2020.

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There are many details to go through that are things are going digital. This is definitely the best time in industry to grab good position and to earn good package. We saw boom of Telecom industry in 2015, so it’s the time for Digital Marketing. Now let’s see the available roles in Digital Marketing.

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Reasons to learn Digital Marketing by Btech students

  1. No jobs for Btech freshers
  2. No IT boom
  3. Can get good Salary even as fresher
  4. Good demand for Digital Marketers in Market
  5. Work from Home
  6. Can start life as an Entrepreneur
  7. No Technical Skills required
  8. No Night Shifts
  9. Good Growth in the career
  10. Salary 100%Growth rate

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