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Hi Guys Welcome to 30 days Internship Program. I hope you are gonna learn many things in this internship. In order to make it as success please maintain office environment like coming on time, reporting on timing and finish task in time so that you feel like you are working for the company rather than working in an institute.

Following is the day wise schedule you have to follow. I am trying to make it as automate because most of the time i might not available. So follow the following schedule and report. At the end of the day i will clarify your questions.

I will be allotting each person a website, starting from on page optmization to analytics you will be working on this website.

Day 1:

  • Do Keyword Analysis
  • Web Position Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • What are the suggestions you will recommend to improve the rankings
  • And what is your digital Marketing strategy for this Business (How much time and money you want to spend on SEO, Adwords, SMO,SMM,Email Marketing) Explain pictorially.

Day 2:

  • Check How Many Pages have been Indexed
  • Check Last crawled date of the website
  • Give full report of how many back links we have and what are they?
  • Each and every page give report what is the Title and Description
  • Check every image on the page have alt text or not if not notify where it is missing
  • Check whether links are available in the page or not ? And check whether that link is working or not (broken link checker)
  • Check the File name of each page
  • Check Bold and Italics are available or not?
  • Check Social Share Buttons available in each and every page or not?

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Day 3 :

Do On-Page Optmization

  • As you have already find somemistakes in the website do needful changes to the website.
  • Like Title and Description changing as per SEO, Title should be les than 60 characters and decsription Should be 160-320 Characters
  • Make sure all Images have ALT text. If it is missing for some image Adding Appropriate One
  • If INternal Links and Out Bound Links are not available Add Them
  • If Bold and Italics are Missing Add Them.
  • Check the Filename given properly or not. If not correct it.
  • If Tags not given properly correct them. Make sure that not more than 6 tags
  • Check Keyword Density in the Page/Post. Add or Remove Keyword appropriatly
  • Check for Broken links. If any Broken link is there point it others or remove that Link

Day 4:

Repeat On Page Optimizaation. Becasue On-Page Take Lot Of Time.If it is done in One day you can go for Day 5 Task

Day 5 & Day 6 :

Off Page Optimization. Apply all 17 techniques to Your Website

  1. Blog Commenting
  2. Article Submission
  3. Directory Submission
  4. Document Submission
  5. Social Bookmarking
  6. Image Submission
  7. Video Submission
  8. Forum Posting
  9. Web 2.0 websites
  10. QR code
  11. Profile Creation
  12. Infographic Submission
  13. Google my business
  14. Guest blogging
  15. Classifieds submission
  16. Business reviews
  17. Q&A

Day 7: (Very important Session )

  1. Do Complete Site Audit of the  Website and let me know the Missing elements of the website.
  2. Check Site Map is submitted or not ? If not resarch on How to Submit a Sitemap and Explain me. Then Submit Sitemap.
  3. Research on robots.txt . Why it is important and how can we do that
  4. Check your website is Non www or www. And explain how to redirect non www to www
  5. Research on the Following Topics
  • What is Canonical Link? Explain in details?
  • Website errors like 400,401,403,404,500,503
  • Google Hummingbird
  • Google Mobile Friendly Update
  • Google Panda Update
  • Google Penguin Update
  • Google Pigeon Update
  • Google Payday Update
  • Google Pirate Update
  • Google EMD (Exact Match Domain) Update
  • Google Top Heavy Update
  • What is AMP?
  • What is Structure Data and How to Apply on Website ?
  • What is Disavow tool ? And How to Do ?

Day 8 : assessment on SEO . Both Written and Oral

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Day 1:

  • Create Search Network for Your Website. First Research on keywords and draw Adwords Account Structure properly then Go for tool
  • User Phrase Match or Exact Match or Broad Match Modifier .
  • Your ad Should be attractive so that customer should click on that
  • Create Site link, Call Out, Structure Snippet and Call Extensions for your Ad
  • Add Negative Keywords
  • Add The Budget. Your Total Budget should be 2000 we can use this for all campaigns.

Day 2:

  • Give Me Report on Impressions, clicks, click through rate and average CPC
  • Give me report on Keywords you targeted and search terms we have received from Customer
  • Give me report on location targeted and Location details of the customers who saw your Ad
  • Give Me complete report on Auctions Insights
  • In your analytics if any unwanted keyword came, try to make it as negative keyword
  • Give Quality score of each keyword you have targeted
  • Set Conversion tracking on your website.
  • In Automatic Bidding Apart from maximum clicks some other bidding methods are there like  Target CPA etc. Research and Give me info on each bidding method.
  • Research on how to run mobile only Ad
  • Research on How to run Call Only Ad.

Social Media Optimization Task:

  1. Create Profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus
  2. Create Facebook Page(Profile Pic, Cover Pic, call To Action Button, Inviting All Your friends to Like Page)
  3. Create username with your brand for the page like
  4. Join Different Local Groups to Increase reach.
  5. Try to Increase Page likes and Websites visits through Optimization techniques like Push and Pull and 80/20 rule
  6. Create a Post Greeting your customer on festival )Diwali or Ramzan or Christamas). Create nice banner with Canva or picmonkey . Use  Proper #tags (Your company logo should be there on image)
  7. Create an Explainer Video for your product.(If you dont have any idea do it for digital marketing). Use Biteable or Powtoon or Animaker.
  8. Create Buffer and Hoot-suite account (Social Media Automation Tools) and link all your 6 social media profiles to them. Now start sharing through buffer and Hoot-suite.
  9. Go to Your Facebook insights and check the analytics.
  10. Try assign page roles to one of your friend. Make him as admin or moderator.
  11. Try to do competition analysis through Facebook page. Means watch your competitors pages.
  12. Check the process of how to delete page(dont delete just check)

Social Media Marketing Task:

  1. Go to Ads manager and Create Brand Awareness Ad
  2. Create one more ad selecting reach Option
  3. Create one more ad by selecting consideration option. Try one Ad for Page Likes one for Websites Visits and one for Lead Generation. Total 3 Campaigns.

Signup for the Following Tools:

  1. later
  2. Tagboard
  3.  Bitly
  4. Sprout Social
  5.  Tweepi
  6. ifttt
  7.  Hubspot
  8. Giphy
  9. Banner snack
  10. Buzzsumo