Digital Marketing Interview Questions with Live Scenario

1)Please give an example of an effective campaign you have ran, across what medium , what budgets and what ROI ?


  • I ran a campaign on across Google Ads , Fb sponsored ads & Linked in Sponsored ads.
  • In Google Ads I invested 2000/- and I got 11 leads whereas 5 converted into conversions.
  • In Fb ads I invested 500/- and I got many clicks but only 2 are converted into conversions.
  • In Linked in ads I invested 1700/- and 3 people got into converted.


My ROI is

  • My ROI is 125000/- for 2000 on Google Ads.
  • My ROI is 50000/- for 500 on Fb Sponsored ads
  • My ROI is 75000/- for 1700 on linked in ads

2) Please explain what third party agencies you work with when handling marketing ?

Ans: We didn’t work with any third party agencies.

3) Please explain what channel you find most effective and why?

Ans: I found most useful channel is Google Ads (search network) as most effective, because I got 11 clicks out of which I got 5 conversions and my ROI is 62.5%.

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4) How would you go about setting a strategy ?

Ans: While setting a strategy I will see who are the end customers and their requirements. Based on that I will target them by using Location, Demographics, Interests etc.,

5) Please explain your understanding of ROI and what benchmarks you have set yourself previously, and how these have been achieved ?

Ans: Yea, I set some benchmarks for me to achieve. In Google ads my benchmark is 4, but I got 5 conversions. I achieved these by setting a strategy properly and shown my ads to only people who are interesting on Digital Marketing Online.

6) Give an example of an unsuccessful campaign ?

Ans: I don’t have any unsuccessful campaign, but I have a campaign which is not success i.e., facebook, it did not reached my benchmark.

7) How many people are in your marketing team, and please describe their roles, who reports into you and who do you report into ?

Ans: In my team we are two, my CEO and me. I need to report him.

8) Please explain your current monthly budgets and the expectation from this ?

Ans: My monthly budgets are 5000/- and my expectations are 3 lakh to 3.5 lakh.

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