Digital Nest Exam Questions

SEO Question Paper

1. Explain SEO cycle.
2. If you want a crawler to not a crawl a particular page what are you supposed to do?
3. How does search engine work? What are operators present in SEO?
4. What is page rank algorithm? What are the factors affecting PageRank algorithm?
5. Name all the updates released by Google?
6. What is the difference between on page optimization and off page optimization? Mention on page and
off page optimization techniques.
7. What is the purpose of sitemap in SEO? Name the different types of sitemaps?
8. Name the server side optimization techniques.
9. Draw the diagnosis chart of SEO?
10. What are the different types of keyword research techniques?
11. What is web position analysis? Write down the step by step process.
12. What are the different types of keywords? Give examples.
13. How to remove backlinks? Write the step by step process.
14. Give the names of SEO tools.
15. Write an article on 10 reasons why every house wife should learn Digital Marketing.
16. Write an article about Hyderabad.

Google Adwords Question Paper

 1. Draw the account structure for teakwood selling products like sofas, dining tables, recliners, curtains,
beds at Hyderabad and France, targeting two languages French and English at Francis and English at
2. What are different types of keyword match types? Give examples for each match type?
3. Name the different types of flexible bid strategies? Write the importance of each bid strategy and give
an example when you are supposed to use.
4. What are the different types of campaigns in google adwords?
5. Write the abbreviations of CTR, CPL, CRO, CPC, ECPC, CPD, CPE, CPM, HTML, ROAS alt tag.
6. What is the difference between bounce rate and exit rate?
7. What is the formula of AdRank and how is it calculated?
8. What are the factors affecting quality score?
9. What are the different types of conversion tracking techniques in Adwords? Give examples for each.
10. What is remarketing? Write the step by step process in implementing remarketing for a campaign for
a website.
11. What are different types of remarketing techniques?
12. Name the different types of Ad extensions that we use in Google Adwords.
13. What is difference between standard and accelerated rotation techniques? When we have to
implement this technique?

Social Media Question Paper

1. What is edge rank algorithm?
2. How to create a Facebook sponsored ads?
3. How to set up remarketing in Facebook ads?
4. How to run instagram ads?
5. How to set up conversion tracking in Facebook ads?
6. What are best social media automation tools?
7. How to build connections and how to generate leads out of LinkedIn?
8. What are different types of Facebook sponsored ads we can run?
9. Write step by step process in setting up an advertisement for a gym, playschool, boutique, sensational event with targeting options? (Facebook)

Digital Marketing Grand Test

( Answer all the Questions )     Time : 1: 45 mins
1. Draw seo Set up Cycle. List down various onpage, offpage, server side optimization techniques. List down updates released by google
2. What tool is used for removing backlinks ? write step by step process?
 3. Draw the campaign structure ? and also mention types of bidding techniques?
4. What is remarketing ? write steps involved in generating  remarketing code ? and also write steps in involved in setting up the campaign with an example( both facebook & google ADWORDS)
5. What is the difference between user and session, exit rate and bounce rate, hard bounce & soft bounce , click and Conversion, Impression and Click
6. Write the Formula of Click rate, Open rate , Actual CPC calculation , Ad rank Calculation , click through rate
7. What are the factors involved in increasing the edge rank ?
8. Mention important people or blogs to follow on Digital Marketing?
9. Write steps involved in setup up google Adwords conversion tracking and google analytics goal tracking
10. Write steps involved in generating affiliate Url?
11. What are different types of back link checking tools?
12. Draw the tabular column of seo diagnosis chart
13. What are different types of portfolio bid strategies?
14. What are various social media automation tools?
15. How to set up google analytics for a website?
16. Draw the 360 degree diagram for offline and online business?