Display Lost Impression Share Adwords

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Before you begin Display lost impression share Adwords you must know about what is an impression, impression share,

For more detail on the shared data learn more Impression share data

Impression share is defined as the total number of impressions received by your ad compared to the number of impressions eligible for the ad

What is display lost impression share Adwords

If an ad receives less impression share then it is known that your ad is appearing for maximum relevant search queries

If your ad doesn’t receive the impressions as per the eligible impressions then it is known as lost impression share

There are two types of lost impression shares they are..

  • Lost IS (Ad rank)
  • Lost IS (Budget)

Lost IS ( Ad rank ): This is due to the low budget of an ad and. If you put a low budget then there is a possibility that your ad might not show to the all relevant search queries. So low budget is also one of the reasons for lost impression share

Lost IS ( Budget ): Indeed sometimes your ad might not appear due to poor ad rank which is determined by the bid relative to the competitors as well as your ad quality

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Display network works on viewable CPM( Cost per thousand impressions ) bidding strategy

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