Display network campaign in Google Adwords

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google Adwords has a mainly two types of network they are: Search network, Display network. search network allows us to place text ads in search engine result page. whereas Google display network place the ads in highly authoritative websites

Google display network campaign is an explicit advertising platform produced by Google on the internet today. There are huge websites available on the internet

What is Display Ads??

display ads

The cross line which is pointing to the banner ad with maroon color is a Display ad

As you can see the banner is placed in website. Display banners ads are visual banner ads that are placed in ads supportive sites everywhere like highlighted above

According to the research display network accounts for 20% of traffic and 90% of reaching internet users. The only thing that advertisers have to do is…. properly utilizing and optimizing display network campaign

Use of Display network in Adwords

Since Google display network reaches an audience in a wide range through a variety of third party websites. This campaign type is perfectly useful for building brand awareness and reaching the audience who are browsing online not exactly searching for your product

Display network campaign types

It is well known that the Display network campaign provides you with the option of displaying image ads. Indeed it also provides various formats and sizes of text ads, Image ads, video ads, and rich media

Text Ads:

It allows text on the banner which has headlines and two text lines the same as you would do in the search network

Image Ads:

It allows you to fit the image in entire ad block on the website.
You can include custom imagery, layouts and background colors on image ads.

Rich Media Ads:

It allows us to included interactive elements such as animations and other aspects others it changes according to the person looking at our ad and how they interact with it

Vedio Ads:

Vedio Ads has become more popular since youtube has been added to google adwords. You can use adwords to place your ads next to youtube vedios

Display Ads sizes

There are more than 20 different sizes or dimensions that has to fit the banner ads those are given below

Google display banner ads

Targeting options in Google Display network

You can target the right audience by using these targeted options who are interested in your products

Placements Targeting

Managed Google display network campaign allows us to select websites that we want to display our ads.
This is effective for targeting a specific demographic and provides advertisers with an opportunity to look for websites geared towards special interests that closely match their target audience.

For Instance, adding ” www.verticalrail.com” will mean your ads are displayed on verticalrail

Topic Targeting

Topic targeting allows you to choose from an existing list of page topics, meaning that your ads will only display on pages about that topic.

Remarketing Targeting

Allows you to target Audience based on previous interactions with your ad

Demographics Targeting:

Allows you to target audience according to their Age, gender and parental status
Demographics can be actual or inferred based on browsing behavior. It’s also important to know that Google can’t determine demographics for all users, so there will be a large portion of ‘unknown’

Interests Targeting

Allows you to target audience who have expressed particular interest based on their browsing history

Interests can be selected based on ‘Affinity Audiences’ which are general areas of interest, ‘In-market Audiences’ which are for people looking to purchase, or a ‘Custom Affinity Audience’ which you build based on interests and websites

Now you have learned about Dispaly network campaign you should also learn about Search network

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