Dynamic Remarketing feed

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Dynamic Remarketing is an advanced Remarketing technique which is different from standard Remarketing

Through traditional remarketing we can allow showing our ads to past website visitors or mobile app users as they browse

Whereas in dynamic remarketing technique it allows us to show our ads to previous users who came to our store and add a product to cart but didn’t purchase. It targets narrowly based on our products and services.

Dynamic remarketing helps to bring leads and make sales by bringing back our previous visitors to our website and purchase. This remarketing technique is very essential for e-commerce website

Dynamic remarketing

In order to set up dynamic remarketing you need to know your business types, tag a website, create display ads

Note down that dynamic remarketing campaign can be created by using display network

Learn how to create dynamic remarketing campaign

Install dynamic remaraketing tag in website

Create a new google remarketing campaiagn

create a remarketing list

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