Everything you need to know to start using Ad customizers

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In this post, I am going to discuss a new topic which comes under Google Adwords and which is very helpful and you know it reduces the complexity of any ads. So we are going to discuss ad customizers

Ad customizers gauge what customer is searching for?? which device he is using, where he is located, or even a date, time day of a week. you can even insert price the time left before the sale ends. It is very helpful for the busy search marketers who don’t want to make adjustments manually like price, products, special offerings it saves the time

Step by step process

  • Go to settings click on Business data
  • Then click on the +plus symbol to upload a data
  • select Ad customizers
  • Try to fill the blank which consists of the name
  • And choose a file from your desktop

In order choose a file you need to prepare an excel sheet which consists of all your campaign data like the item, product, discount, countdown, target campaign, ad group.

Here it looks like…

ad customizers in google ads

How they work

You can include ad customizer where ever you want except in the final URL and this option available only for search network.

Ad customizers are the parameters that work with the curly braces like{}, it fills in your ad text using data that you applied previously in google ads in the form of a spreadsheet

  • Now let’s go and create ad group and let’s add an opening curly bracket to the ad. we can see the additional option and let select ad customizer which we just uploaded.
  • select the option and select the data source. we can choose the name of the product

It can include anything that you want to….

You can even add a countdown customizers to add end date and time, time zone

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