Facts About Twitter

Twitter was created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone, and Noah Glass and launched in July 2006 .

Jack Dorsey sent the first ever tweet on 21 Mar 2006

In August 2007 the hashtag debuts, first proposed by user @chrismessina

On 15 January 2009, a US Airways flight crashed on NYC’s Hudson River. A photo posted to Twitter broke the news before traditional media, highlighting Twitter’s role in breaking news

Twitter user statistics

There are 330m monthly active users and 145 million daily users.

A total of 1.3 billion accounts have been created.

Of those, 44% made an account and left before ever sending a tweet.

Based on US accounts, 10% of users write 80% of tweets.

22% of Americans are on Twitter.

Only 550 million people have ever sent a tweet.

500 million people visit the site each month without logging in.

As of Q1 2019, 68m US citizens are monthly active users of Twitter.

80% of active users access the site via mobile.

707 is the average number of followers.

391 million accounts have no followers at all.

Barack Obama has the most followers, with over 111m, followed by Katy Perry and Justin Bieber.

Taylor Swift is the most influential person on Twitter. Donald Trump came second, with Narendra Modi in 3rd place.

Journalists make up 24.6% of verified accounts.

83% of the world’s leaders are on Twitter.

79% of accounts are held outside of the U.S.

Twitter estimates 23m of its active users are actually bots.

Twitter usage statistics

There are 500 million tweets sent each day. That’s 6,000 tweets every second.

The most retweeted tweet, one from a Japanese billionaire offering cash prizes, has 5.5m RTs:

Twitter marketing statistics

65.8% of US companies with 100+ employees use Twitter for marketing.

$70m was spent on ads in 2017.

77% of Twitter users feel more positive about a brand when their tweet has been replied to.

58% of top brands have over 100,00 followers on Twitter.

92% of companies tweet more than once a day, 42% tweet 1-5 times a day, and 19% tweet 6-10 times a day.

Tweets with images get 150% more retweets.

The average Twitter user follows five businesses.

80% of Twitter users have mentioned a brand in a tweet.

54% of users surveyed by Twitter reported that they had taken action after seeing a brand mentioned in Tweets (including visiting their website, searching for the brand, or retweeting content).

The last two years have seen a 2.5x increase in customer service conversations on Twitter.