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There are numerous understudies need to learn Digital promoting Training in Bangalore and on the web, yet due o monetary issues they are not ready to join the course. So as to help them I have make my youTube channel called ODMT. All computerized advertising Course Videos you will get for nothing. Buy in to My Channel and access all the recordings.

For your simple reference I am offering connect to every single video, so you can experience it. In the event that you have any questions, simply post in the remark segment with the goal that I will answer you back. Subsequent to watching these Free Digital Marketing recordings, If you couldn’t ready to comprehend you can either join for My Classroom preparing in Bangalore or You can Opt for My Online Training.

Learn Digital Marketing in Bengaluru for Free

So if you want to learn Digital Marketing for free here is the solution. I made all YouTube videos as per the topics and posted. You can access all the videos. If you have any doubts you can just comment so that i will reply back. In future i will be adding more advanced Digital Marketing videos which you can access for free. Here are the videos.


104  SEO Interview Questions and Answers

SEO Basics

How to Buy a Domain and Hosting

Step by Step Process of Creating a website

How  a search Engine Works

Writing a Blog & Keyword research techniques

How to Submit a Website to Google Webmaster tools

SEO Off Page Techniques 2018

SEO Off Page Optimization Video

Server Side Optimization

Advance SEO Topics

SEO Revision :

SEO  First Task

e-commerce website Designing

1)Acticate Woocommerce Pluggin
2)Set up the Pluggin
3)Add Products ( Product name, content, product description, product image, tags, catogories, price)
4)Add 20 Products then only u can do better optimization
5)Automatically Shop page, cart page, account page will be created. Make shop page as your home page so that it will like e-commerce website
6)You can apply different themes. Type shop in themes u will get many suggestions. Paid themes also available

Watch e-commerce website Creation

Google Adwords

What is Google Adwords

How Google Adwords Works. Bidding System

Adwords Account Structure

Different type of Networks in Adwords

Using Keyword Match Types with Google AdWords

Search Network

Google Ad-words Fundamentals Exam Questions and Answers

Google Search Network Exam Questions and Answers

Google Display Exam Questions and Answers

Google Adwords Fundametals Practice Test

Google Adwords Revision

Day 1

Day 2

Email Marketing:

Email Marketing basics and List Creation

Step by Step Process Of Mail Chimp

Self Learning Topics To Prepare 

Digital Marketing Resumes

Experienced Resume 

Fresher Resume

Assignment and PPT

SEO Assignment

Ad-Words Assignment

Social Media

Final PPT