Free Directory Submission Sites List 2019

Hi Guys. We knew that back links are very important in SEO. Apart from your on page techniques you should try to get back links to increase your rankings. Google says that dont try any technique to get back link. Links should come genuienly bu seeing your content. But all webmasters try their own luck getting backlinks with different strategies. Directory submission is one technique.

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What is Directory Submission

Directory submission is a process of requesting some websites which register under some directories to give link to your website. There are many such directories exists to give links to other websites. Here you might get question why would they link back to you and what is the benifit they will be getting.

When they are giving link to you websitesThose directories  they have following options in their website

  1. Money  (featured Links)
  2. Reciprocal Linking
  3. Free (Regular)

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Featured Links : Featured links means they charge money to give link to your website. From 10$ to 25$. They will give link within 24 hours. But this is bad practice and Google will not entertain this.

Reciprocal Linking : In this they will not ask you money but , they will ask you to link back to their website. This is also Google will not entertain.

Free: Dont give them money and reciprocal linking. Still they will accept because on a process of getting links you are visiting their website. But they will take lot of time to approve links. But you should try this method only.

Is Directory Submission Working or Google Banned this ?

Many webmasters are not prefering directory submsisions, because websites which listed under directories are spammy website. But what i can say is if you get backlink from proper directories it will benefit your website.

Top 10 Directory Submission Sites List


Top 50 High PR and DA Directory Submission Sites List

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