Free Image Submission Sites List 2019

Image Submission is one of the Best and Easy Off-Page Technique in SEO. These off-page techniques play vital role in getting backlinks from other websites for free.Let you know briefly what is Image submission?

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What is Image Submission

Before using Image submission it is better to know what is Image submission.Image submission is sharing or posting your image (related to business) in different image sharing sites. Even we may consider this as social media optimization because we are submitting our image in different social media sites. Image with attractive text is more effective than only descriptive.

Points to remember before submitting:

  • Proper image format like JPG,JPEG or PNG
  • Image should be relate to our website
  • Should give Alt-Text
  • Write image Description
  • Doesn’t contain Watermark
  • Cost effective

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  • Increase visibility
  • Gets Potential Traffic
  • Backlinks
  • Increases PR & DA
  • Reach people in less time
Step-by-step process:
  1. Open Image Sharing Submission site list
  2. Register with Email id
  3. Upload an image and give Title
  4. Click on Submit.

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Top 10 Image Submission Sites list

  1. Pinterest
  • Pinterest : Pinterest is one of the best Image submission site. If we post one image it reach many people and if they click on the image it redirects to your website and increases your traffic. Pinterest have good PR and DA.
  • Flickr : Flickr is the best place to connect and to discover the lovers of photography. If you share the attractive post you surely get potential traffic and backlink from this site.
  • Instagram : Instagram is subsidiary of Facebook which gives you good PageRank and traffic to your site. It increases your followers and reaches your shares to all followers very quickly (Biggest social sharing website)
  • Imgur :  Imgur is the best viral platform which makes your post reaches instantly and provides backlinks.It is the amazing image sharing website.
  • Tinypic : Tinypic is the easy image sharing website  which has good PageRank. Here even we can give Tags to our images.
Image Submission Sites List 2019

Google +

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