Frequency Capping In Adwords

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A Feature that allows you to control showing your ad to the same person on the Display network In a given time period( Day, week, or month ). Learn more about Display network

It plays a vital role in google Adwords. It is prominent to use frequency capping because it prevent disturbing potential customers mainly in remarketing to them

For instance let us assume that you been to certain website for purchasing a dress. Then an ad which shows a variety of shoes to buy from their store and it shows continously. Then you will be annoyed of that ad and you don’t even look at that website atleast once

When you set frequency cap at the campaign level you need to set the limit for the impressions that an individual to have per day, per week, per month

You can set frequency cap at campaign level, ad group

Note that frequency cap is based on Ip address and devices so it could also block showing ads to different customers using same device

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