Google Ads Interaction Rate

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Columns in Google ads show advertising engagements that represent functionality by advertising format type in every campaign.

Google has added new reporting columns to help marketers analyze campaign performance across stations.

Here’s a rundown of the new columns:


These are the principal activities people take together with the advertising formats — clicks for text and purchasing advertisements, views for movie advertisements, and advertisements for Lightbox advertisements as well as the new Gmail advertisements

Interaction Rate:

shows how frequently people interact using an advertisement after it is revealed to them such as clicks divided by impressions for text advertisements(search campaign), or Views divided by impressions of video advertisements (Video campaign)

Interaction Rate Vs Click through Rate:

Click through rate is defined as the Number of times your ad receives clicks divided by number times it has shown, Whereas Interaction rate is a terminology that it takes action not only for clicks but also views or engagements for your video ads and any other available formats.

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