Google Ads Search Network Advanced Options

As we already learned about Google Ads now let’s learn what are the advanced options available and how do they work?

Account Structure:

First, let us talk about the account structure:

With one Gmail id, You can manage 20 accounts.

You can create 10k Campaigns & 20k Ad groups.

You can use 10k Keywords.You can make up to 300Ads.

Logon to Google Ads

Click on the + symbol and create a new campaign.

Select Create a campaign without a goal & select search Type Ad then click on continue.

Ad Scheduling :

This option allows users to set a particular date to launch a campaign and to turn it off, when the campaign is no longer needed or when the season comes to an end. Ad Scheduling, on the other hand, allows users to set certain days of the week or particular times during a day for campaigns. This may be particularly useful once you profile your target audience and how they behave temporally.

This option provides the option of setting the percentage increase/decrease in bids by the hour, day, or week.

Go to the advanced settings /hide settings and then there you have a Start & End date option which you can enter your preferred date when you want to start the Ad and when you want to end it.

Start & end date.
Start & End Date

You can also target your preferred location.

You can select which people you want to show the Ad.

Google has advanced settings for bidding also. With this option, you can set your bid amount in such a way that Google charges the daily budget amount, some days less than the daily budget, or somedays it will charge twice the daily budget but Google will make sure that it never exceeds your total Budget.

Always select the Automatic bidding so that Google will help you to do the bidding on behalf of you. Then select maximum clicks & set your maximum CPC bid.

Maximum clicks

Click on show more settings, here you can schedule your Ad on which days you want to show the ad & at which time you want to show the ad.

Ad Rotation:

Ad rotation helps you to evenly rotate and optimize ads based on which ad is doing well at a particular time. It depends on how much time you can invest in managing AdWords campaigns and how best you understand which campaign may be particularly useful.

All the ad copies currently active will be given equal preference and will be rotated and shown the same number of times. Now, this will be continued for 30 days and then the ads will be run with ‘Optimize for Clicks’ features.

You can select Ad rotation which means you can create 2,3 ads and then Google will always rotate your ads that means it will show your best ad to the customers.

Then next Save & Continue.

Write your Ad Headlines 1,2,3 & Descriptions 1& 2.

Headlines 30 Characters; Description of 90 Characters.

Headlines & Descriptions

Demographic Bidding

As the name suggests, it helps you to segregate your audience according to their gender, age, or other criteria that you may notice in your Google AdWords demographic reports.

So, these are the Advance Options of Google Ads.

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