Google Ads Video Certification

  1. A YouTube Advertiser Is Looking To Drive Direct Response Objectives. Reyna, A YouTube Googler, Explains That YouTube For Action Combines Formats Powered By Smart Bidding With Intent-Rich Audiences And Measurement Capabilities That Can Help Turn Engagement On YouTube Into The Actions That Matter Most. What Actions Does YouTube Drive For Advertisers?
  2. Aaron’s Client Is An Architect Who’d Like To Use YouTube To Reach More Potential Customers. The Client Believes One Generic Ad Should Be Enough To Do The Job, But Aaron Knows That’s A Questionable Approach. What Can Aaron Tell The Client About Ad Relevance On YouTube To Change His Mind?
  3. After A Discussion With A Google Audience Specialist, Reilly Is Ready To Suggest The Use Of Detailed Demographics To Her YouTube Clients. What Are Two Characteristics Of Detailed Demographics? (Choose Two.)
  4. Aimee’s Been Researching YouTube As A Way To Promote Her Content. She Was Amazed By YouTube’s Reach And The Infrastructure Of Innovation The Platform Is Committed To Building. Plus, She Loves The Freedom Creators Are Given On YouTube To Express Themselves. As A Creator, What’s Another Reason Aimee Should Choose YouTube?
  5. Ajay’s Meeting With A Client Who’s Considering YouTube Advertising. The Client Wants To Better Understand Why Users Choose YouTube. Ajay Shares Information On YouTube’s Extensive Reach And The Opportunity It Provides For Users To Connect With A Community. What Are Two Other Reasons Users Choose YouTube? (Choose Two.)
  6. Annilee Has A Client Who Wants To Choose YouTube Audiences That Will Increase Consideration Of Their Products When Customers Are Ready To Buy. She Knows YouTube Has Two Specific Audience Solutions That Can Help Her Accomplish This For The Client. What Are The Two Audience Solutions? (Choose Two.)
  7. Arturo Has Explained To A Client Who Sells Electronics That YouTube’s Detailed Demographic Audiences Can Impact Their Advertising Efforts. He Knows Detailed Demographics Help Advertisers Reach Audiences Based On Quantifiable Characteristics That Matter To The Client. What Are Two Of These Quantifiable Characteristics? (Choose Two.)
  8. As A YouTube Creator, Kieran Can Reach Over Two Billion Active Users Each Month And Use Platform Innovations To Generate Content That Meets Users’ Needs. YouTube Gives Him The Freedom To Express Himself, Find New Opportunities, And Make A Living While He Does It. How Does YouTube Help Creators Earn A Living?
  9. As An Advertising Director For A Marketing Firm, Glenda Uses YouTube Ads To Reach Her Audiences While They’re In Their “Personal Primetime.” When Is She Trying To Reach Her Audience?
  10. As It Offers The Most Attentive Audience And Proven Results, YouTube Is Becoming Advertisers’ First Choice For Building Their Brands. What’s Another Reason Advertisers Choose YouTube?
  11. Aside From Conversion Tracking, What’s A Requirement For Using Store Visits?
  12. Audiences With The Strongest Level Of Intent Are The Most Open To Being Influenced By Your Message. Which Audience Is Made Up Of People Who’ve On Google Before Engaging With Your Business?
  13. Audra Handles YouTube Strategy For A Popular Concert Venue That Would Like To Run YouTube Campaigns Aimed At Fans Of The Musicians They’ve Booked This Summer. Which Type Of Audience Solution Should Audra Recommend For This Client?