Google Adwords Editor

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Google Adwords editor is a downloadable desktop application where you can work in offline that allows you to manage multiple AdWords account without an internet connection Especially when you are handling large with multiple campaigns and Adgroups
 Time and money can be limited resources for some businesses, but the benefits of AdWords Editor can help drive the efficiency and performance of your campaigns.

Here are top benefits of using Google adwords editor

Apply changes to AdWords account offline:

It allows you to make changes in your AdWords account without an internet connection when you don’t have a wifi connection, you can make all changes as per your wish without any lag, an editor is all about making more efficient and faster
So because there’s no dependency on an internet connection, you won’t get any slow down or lag when you’re making big changes to your account.

Import and export

Adwords editor allows you to Import and export the data, In AdWords editor, you can export the data in different multiple options, Editor functioning is far more sophisticated that AdWords account, that means it is not too complicated, you can export keyword data from a selected campaign, ad group,
or the even whole account. You can even choose to export the data from your current view. This allows you to export everything from the current window in AdWords Editor.

To import and export, simply select Accounts from the top menu, and choose either Import or Export, as shown above.

Apply Bulk Changes:

Making large scale bulk changes in your AdWords account is a time taking process. Whereas with the AdWords editor you can make bulk changes with a simple copy and paste function

Finding Duplicate Keywords:

Another one more option which works effectively in AdWords editor is finding duplicate keywords. we can find and edit duplicate keywords making your ads a better chance of success duplicate keywords can hurt your ad performance. If two of your ads are using the same keywords, they are essentially competing against each other instead of other advertisers.

Advanced search:

Advances search is also one of the tools in AdWords editor, It is used to do a search with the advanced options, you can apply multiple search criteria, and view filters to pinpoint opportunities to improve the efficiency of your campaigns. Learn more

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