Google Adwords For Beginners.

I am sure you’ve heard stories of companies running Google Ads (Adwords) and having massive success.  You start to think about all of the sales you can get if you just threw up a few Google Ads.  You do a bit of research and you discover that you have to bid on keywords, set a budget, create campaigns and use extensions?

Here’s the thing. Google Ads work, and they can give you nearly instant results.  You can get up and run in less than an hour and if you do it right, you can start generating new sales at the end of the hour.

When people search on Google, they’re looking for something specific.  They are searching with intent, they are heading to Google to find solutions for their problems. You have solutions. It’s just a matter of matching the right search at the right time.

So, to meet the right match, Google has launched Google Adwords which is commonly called “GOOGLE AD’S”.

Today, let’s start learning about them.

Google Ad Appearance:

Google ads appearance.
Ad’s on google.

This is how ads appear on google. There will be 7 ads in which commonly Four ads will appear on the top, three will appear on the bottom side and in between will be 10 organic results.

Impression: Ad appearing on the screen is called an “Impression”

Google will not charge you for these impressions but if a person comes and clicks on that ad, then google will charge you. This work under CPC.

CPC: Cost per click

Closed Bidding: Bidding type in google ads is a closed bidding type. Here bidding continues every year, every month, every hour and every second.

Advantages of Google Ads:

Target Audience: You can here target the people of your choice i.e; according to your business you can target only those age group people.

Measure: You can find who clicked on your ad, whether it is male or female, from which device they clicked and from which location they are.

Return on Investment: You will get a 100% return on investment with google ads.

It’s less expensive when compared to traditional marketing.

Dis-Advantages of Google Ads:

There is no proper control in deducting the amount.

To overcome this google has come up with something called as daily budget. Here you can set your daily budget. For example, if your daily budget is 1000 and your CPC is 100 then 10clicks are possible for the day after ten clicks your add will be paused. After 12 am your add will again appear on google.

There are no more disadvantages now on google ads, you can happily use them.

Types of Ads:

1.Search Network: When you search on the search bar, your ad will be displayed and your ad appears on Gmail as well.

2.Display Network: Placing ads on other websites.

3.Video Network: Ads on some of the videos on Youtube.

4.Shopping ads: Ads related to shopping.

5.Mobile apps: When you search on your mobile for online food, some of the ads appear with an install option, these are Mobile apps. When we click, if it is going to play store then its a “Mobile app”.

Ad rank…position of your ad om SERP.Ad ranks depend on your CPC/CPV/CPM/CPA/CPI.

Ad Details:

Network type Ad type Biddingtype Ad Appears on

Search Network Text CPC SERP

Display Network Image/Banner/RMIA CPM GDPW/Youtube/Mobileapp

Video Network Video CPV Youtube

Shopping Ads Text/Image CPA SERP

Mobile apps Text/Image/Video CPI Playstore/SERP/Website/Youtube

CTR- Click to rate

CPCCost per click.

CPVCost per view.

CPA-Cost per Acquisition.

CPI-Cost per Installation.

CPMCost per mile or 1000 impressions.

RMIARich media interactive advertisement.

GDPW: Google display Partner website.

Google Ad Account Structure:

Google Ads Account Structure
Google Ad Account Structure

Account: With One Gmail account we can manage 20Clients.

Campaign: Location to be targeted ( you can target 20k locations)

Ad group: You can provide 20k Services.

Keywords: For which keyword you want to make the ad. (10k keywords possible)

Ads: Text ads possible (300 ads can be made).

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