Google Adwords Quality Score

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Google Adwords quality score means the estimation of the quality of an ad, and their keywords, as well as a landing page. You can see your quality score which ranges from (1-10). The rank of an ad depends on Quality score AdWords.

How to Calculate Quality Score Adwords

Quality score can be calculated on the basis of your CTR ( Click through rate ), Relevancy of keywords to the Ad group, Relevancy of a landing page, Landing page load times, Device and location bias it also depends on previous ad performance

High-quality rating for and ads can be done with the help of Google quality score. Using precise and exact keywords which is related to the ad group and putting relevant landing page makes you see the high-quality score for your ad. The reason why Google is putting conditions is… Users facing bad experience regarding landing page. They were surprised to see another landing page instead of which they are expecting.

Why advertisers are running after Quality score????? Because Higher quality score typically leads to Lowe cost and better ad position. You can create an ad, Put keywords and use extensions. But if you don’t have a good quality score you will be paying lots of amount to Google. It is not a magic that simply you bid more than someone and you rank on top

Finally the higher your relevancy the better your CTR. Better CTR results in Good Quality score. Higher the Quality Score the lower will be the cost per click. That means first your landing has to be relevant then automatically your CTR increase and will be getting traffic there by acquiring Good quality Score

How to Improve Quality Score

Targeting your ad groups:

You can improve your quality score by designing Campaigns and Ad groups in a perfect manner that means while creating a campaign create different ad groups as many as possible where relevant keywords have to group in one ad group. If you are using only two ad groups with nonrelevant keywords, This will appear as relevant for the users because it will be difficult to find the specific ad they are looking for.

Reasearch on keywords :

Before you create an ad first ensure you done keyword research properly and use highly relevant keywords in your campaign with proper match type

Landing Page Optimization:

Your landing page is related to the Ad group and Ad campaign. the user experience should be good, and also make sure that your landing page content has relevant keywords that you have used in the Ad group. Another aspect that you have to keep in mind when comes to a landing page is to decrease the time it takes to load

Use Negative keywords:

Continuously research, identify and exclude irrelevant search terms that are wasting your budget.

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