Google Forwarding Phone number

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Google forwarding phone number is a unique phone number provided by Google in AdWords in order to track call conversion and messages to your business. Call extension that simply forward calls to advertisers phone number. Apart from this it also tracks the information call duration and caller area

Google call forwarding phone number can be used in two ways one is to use call extension in Google ads. Call extensions are the numbers that are displayed next to the ad in SERP page. It swaps out your business phone number with a new Google forwarding number every time a new visitor gets to your website. Call extension is a type of “ ad extensions” that append call phone number to the ad. Where there is a chance of calling by potential customers. If customers are on a mobile phone they will be having a chance of calling directly by clicking on phone number

Google forwarding number on the website:

The second one is the Google forwarding number on the website. it appears on the website, not in extensions. When someone clicks your ad he will be taken to the website where he can see the Google Forwarding phone number. If he clicks on the Google Forwarding number call will go to the advertiser’s phone number. In such a way it tracks the call conversions. For Big business, it is very necessary

How to setup Google call forwarding number

In order to set up, Google calls forwarding number to your ads as a call extension or Google forwarding number on the website. you need to install javascript on your website regarding call conversion below to are the step by step process of setting up call conversion in website

Step by step process

  • Sign in to your Google ads account
  • click on the tools menu
  • then click on conversions
  • then navigate to phone conversions
  • you will be having two option over there Calls from ads using call extensions or call-only ads and Calls to a phone number on your website
  • Choose as your wish if you want to appear Google call forwarding number in your website then select Calls to a phone number on your website . or if you want to appear in ad use Calls from ads using call extensions or call-only ads
  • Give a name to the conversion and fill the all targeting options available
  • Now, set up the tag to add to your website. Install the tag your self in the website (or) email the tag (or) Install the tag using Google Tag Manager
  • then it will provide you tag that you have to insert in your website under the head section

This is How you install the tag on the website. When you set up a call extensions you turn on the call reporting and choose a conversion action

Google Forwarding number on website

Google phone call Forwarding number can only available on the search network. Learn more about Search network

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