Google Keyword Planner Tool

keyword planner
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What is the Keyword Planner??

A keyword planner is a free keyword researching tool available in Google AdWords interface used for researching on keyword for building search network campaign

You can use Adwords keywords planner for searching a keyword and how well the keyword performs, what is monthly search rate for a keyword, and maximum cost per click for the keyword, Competition, impression share, budget

How to use Adwords keyword planner:

  • Sign in to your Google AdWords account
  • Click on tool Symbol that appears on upside right corner of the interface
  • click on keyword planner
  • There you can see two options available those are…

Find new keywords and Get search volume and forecast

Find keywords: This feature helps us to find keywords for the campaign and its search volume, competition You can search for keywords based on terms that are relevant to your product or service, website, or landing page.

Get search volume and forecast :

Enter a keyword that you want to do research. It gives complete forecast information of the keyword like clicks and impressions that you get for a certain cost, Ad position, Average CPC. Enter or upload a keyword list

Google keywords planner

You can directly create a campaign there by clicking on create campaign

On the left side, there are a few options available. Keyword ideas, grouped ideas,

Keyword ideas: Through this option, you can enter the keyword that wants to see more ideas where you get ideas related to that keyword and its search volume, CPC, Competition

Google keywords tool

Grouped ideas: Here it gives ideas as groups related to the word. You can even download the keyword ideas by clicking on Download keyword ideas

adwords keywords planner

Plan Overview :

It provides a complete overview of a keyword like devices, locations that mean from which device the keyword is acquiring huge clicks and from which location

Keyword planner tool

Ad group: It provides ad group forecast like what would be the maximum CPC for that Ad group, clicks, impressions

adwords keyword tool

It also provides historical metrics. one more thing that advertiser has to remember that even though the keyword planner tool provides great insights and forecast for a keyword. The success of your campaign would depend on bid and budget, locations, product, and customer behavior

Google AdWords keyword planner is also very useful for Seo keyword researching. It is obviously a free keyword planner.

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