Google Search network in Adwords

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Google AdWords splits the network into two typesthey are… Google search network, Google display network

In Google search network we write text ad which displays on the search engine result page. This network is a group of search-related sites like and Google search partners (like, etc)

On google search sites your ad appear on or below the organic results in and other google search partner sites
your ads might appear above or alongside the search results. Take a look at below search query ” international tours ad travels in hyderabad” the ad appear exactly like this

search network

Google Ad Text Limits

  • Headline1: 30 characters,
  • Headline2: 30 characters,
  • Headline3: 30 characters
  • Description Line 1: 90 characters
  • Description Line 2: 90 characters
  • Display URL: 30 characters
  • Destination URL: 1,024 characters

Now you learned about Google search network. You should also learn about Google Display network

A part from these we can use different types of extensions.

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