Hootsuite App & It’s Uses.

What Is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is a social media management tool with features to help with planning, scheduling, and syndicating social posts.
You can view streams from multiple networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ and post updates or reply directly. With so many networks for businesses to manage, it’s no doubt Social Media Management tools have become so popular and relied upon by many companies today.

Hootsuite was launched back in 2008 by Invoke Media and since then has accrued an impressive array of features.


It is a premium version, so if you want to get the free version just click on the Plans which is on the top & select Free individual.

Create the account using your Mail id.

Hootsuite free account
Hootsuite Free Account

Why Is Hootsuite Useful?

  • Hootsuite can save you time with your social media marketing. Instead of logging into each network and posting there one at a time, you can manage Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest all from one place.
  • And its “Streams” feature can help you stay on top of relevant conversations as they’re happening. Again, you can monitor conversions on different networks from a single dashboard.
  • Hootsuite also has a helpful Analytics feature for in-depth social media performance reporting. If you run an agency, you know that reporting the ROI of social media can be tricky. Hootsuite’s Analytics feature helps you show off your deliverables.

In the free version you can only add up to three profiles but in a paid version you can add many.

Let’s see what are the key features of this beautiful app:

Key Features

Key features include automatic scheduling, social media monitoring, performance reporting, basic task management, and more.

Post Scheduling

Though its feature set has grown over the years, Hootsuite’s bread-and-butter feature is still scheduling social media posts.
You can also schedule your reports for automatic distribution via email on a weekly or monthly basis. Great for client reporting!


The “Streams” feature lets you easily monitor the different social media channels you’re active on. In your Streams, Hootsuite will show you a constant feed of relevant social media activity. The most basic way you can use Streams is to keep an eye on your own mentions in real-time.


No social media management platform would be complete without reporting.

Hootsuite’s Analytics will allow you to see your performance by individual social profile, or via a “mixed” dashboard with all of your connected networks.

Key metrics covered include:

  • Fans and Followers
  • Posts and Tweets
  • Engagement
  • Traffic


Hootsuite allows users to assign items to different team members. That way, you can have your social media teamwork on different tasks from inside of the platform.

Content Library

The Content Library, available to Business and Enterprise users, is another great feature for marketing teams. It allows you to set up templates and pre-approved images that can be used for social posting later.

You can also add private notes and tags to each asset. And you can set an expiration date on certain visual assets, which is perfect for holiday-themed images or limited-time offers.

In Hootsuite, You can access all the social media accounts in one place & can check all of them at once.

You can write your message and can share it on all your sites at once.

Hootsuite options
Hootsuite options

You can see your message on all your sites here and you can also see the publisher options and can try them.


If you find the task of managing multiple social media profiles overwhelming, Hootsuite would be a good option for you to look into. In addition to providing a centralized location where you can see your social activity and post updates, you’ll get data on how well your efforts are working.

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