How does Search Engine Works?

Definition of Search Engine Optimization: SEO is a technique of making your website on top of SERP for a keyword entered by the user.

SERP Layout
SERP Layout

A search Engine works on four stages:



Calculating Relevancy:

Retrieving Results:

1.Crawling: A crawler comes to the website, collects all the data.

2.Indexing: Stores data as per categories {movies,fashion,travel etc}.

3.Calculating Relevancy: Ranking as per content, links, bold italics

4.Retrieving Results: Displays results on SERP.

SERP: Search Engine Results Page.

SERP Layout:Top 4 Ads->10 organic results->Bottom 3Ads

SERP Layout

Important Places:

Title: It must be min 16 characters.

Description: Must be of 160 characters. (Install All in one SEO pack)

H1 to H4 headings: H1 heading cannot be repeated, H2 to H4 can be repeated.

Image alt: Giving an alternate text to the image because the crawler will not understand the images.

Bold& Italics: Highlight the important words in Bold or Italics because the crawler focuses on those words.

Filename: Your URL name is the filename, it should be properly named.

The First line of the paragraph: Crawler focuses on the first line of the paragraph, so make sure your write it well.

Links: Internal & Outbound links, crawler observes the links also, more the links more are the chances of coming on top of SERP. (Only relevant website links)

Keyword Research Techniques:

There are four keyword research techniques:

Brain Storming,

Brain Storming
Brain Storming

Google search/Suggest,

Google Suggest

Keyword Planner,

Uber Suggest.

Uber Suggest

Black Hat Techniques:

Keyword stuffing

Changing font colors


Spammy Backlinks

EMD(Duplicate content)

Google Updates:

1.Panda Update

2.Penguin Update

3.EMD Update

4.Pigeon Update

5.Mobile-Friendly Update

6.Tob Heavy Update

7.Rank Brain

8.Free Update

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