How Email Marketing Increase Website Traffic and Generate Leads

Email Marketing is a term we heard often, but what exactly Email Marketing is?

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is using Email to promote your business. It is used to maintain relationship with potential customers and present customers to inform latest updated information like offers etc., on your brand to generate leads and maintain healthy relationship.

Email marketing can build trust with customers and make them to become our repeated customers. This comes under Direct Marketing which is cost effective and eco-friendly.

In fact, 47% online shoppers subscribing to store’s emails in order to stay informed on offers they are offering. Email Marketing is one of the segment in Digital Marketing like SEO, SEM and Social Media. There is a thin line difference between Email Marketing and SEO is, SEO can do for free, where as Email Marketing is paid.

Difference between Social Media and Email marketing is Social Media is cost and Email Marketing is cheaper and also we can contact customer direct to their mails by giving special offers.

In email marketing we have 2 types of emails like Promotional emails and Transactional emails.

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What is promotional email?

Promotional email are used with the intention of promoting a brand’s products offers. The goal of this email is to drive customer traffic towards sales.

Eg: Mails with coupons, offers etc.,

Amazon offers on Big Bang sale etc.,


What is Transactional email?

Transactional emails provides customers with updates about their purchases with the company. It includes order conformation emails or cancellation emails etc.,

Eg: Order confirmations

Email Receipts

Password reset


  • Have a chance of flexible design of your message
  • Can target either large audience or small audience
  • Time saving
  • Cost effective
  • Less instructive unlike in telephonic


  • Spam
  • Engagement (needs constant engagement)
  • Undelivered emails

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How to transfer to Inbox

To avoid going your mails to spam, follow the following tips:

  • Never buy a list of email addresses, instead get express permission
  • Increase your open rates
  • Make your emails memorable and matches the branding on your website.
  • Send mails with good headline
  • Add physical address
  • Prevent inaccurate information like “From”, “To”, “Reply to”
  • Should include “unsubscribe link”
  • Avoid using spam triggered words
  • Instruct your customers add your email to their Contacts list.

There are 2 signup methods available in email marketing:

  • Single opt-in &
  • double opt-in.

Both are the easy ways to collect information from customers. The opt-in feature of email allows marketing by consent

Single opt-in

A contact fills out your signup forms, clicks submit and their information is saved on the list.

Double opt-in

Apart from the single opt-in there is one more additional step called a confirmation step where the contact receives an email and has to confirm their signup.


There are number of automation tools and software there that make email marketing a breeze.

For example:

  • Mail Chimp
  • Send in blue
  • Constant Contact
  • Sendloop
  • MailerLite

To send emails in Mail chimp is very easy. It includes the following few steps.

  1. Create a list of contacts in Excel or word
  2. Import contact to account
  3. Create campaign
  4. Select the contact list
  5. Create template and send
  6. Reports

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