How to create a Thank You Page in WordPress?

Thank you page
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After knowing about Website designing, Plugins used in WordPress, now we have to know about the Thank You page in the website and its importance.

Thank You page is one of the important pages on the website which many people don’t know.

Customer who comes to the website will observe many things on our website. Few of them are discussed below,

1.Website Design




5. Re-directing Pages.

From the above listed, we now are focusing on redirecting pages. A customer when comes to our website after filling a form or making a payment he will be directed to a separate page which is known as a Thank You Page. So , how to create it we are going to discuss it below.

Step by Step Procedure of creating Thank You Page:

In the WordPress website, we have a dashboard. Go to the dashboard click on pages, then click on add new page. Create a new page with the title of Thank You. After adding the title write the required content below and then click on publish. Now, your thank you page is ready . Now, redirecting the page is left. So, to know how to redirect this page read on….

Install a Plugin of Supsystic:

Download a contact form plugin of Supsystic , this is the best plugin that I recommend to all of my students. After installing the plugin activate it. Now, go to the options select redirecting pages after submit.

Contact form of supsystic
Select Redirect after Submit option

Now, go to the thank you page of your website, copy the URL code, come back to the contact form on the dashboard and paste the URL in the redirect after submit filed and save it.

And Yes our home page after filling the form or after making a transaction will automatically redirect to your Thank You page. You can see the image above which we redirected it to our Thank You page.

Now, you can create your own thank you page by following the tips which we gave above and you can redirect your website pages too…

Give it a try now…

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