how to create a universal app campaign

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An app campaign allows you to promote your app across digital channels like a search engine, Play store and other search partners like youtube and Display network

In this post, you will learn how to create your app campaign. Before that, you need to learn about app campaign Adwords

Step by step process

Note: It’s important to recognize which Adwords experience you are using like new Adwords experience and old Adwords experience. If you want to create app campaigns for in-app actions can only be created in the new AdWords experience. While campaigns based on app installs can be created in the previous AdWords experience

  • Sign in to Google AdWords account
  • click on +campaign and click on the drop-down create a new campaign
  • Select app promotion
  • select the mobile platform, Enter the app name
  • Click on continue
  • Enter the campaign name and then add assets ( your ads are generating using text ads, and assets you upload, and content from the google play
  • There are four text ads each consisting of 25 characters
  • You can even paste youtube video URL and can upload 20 images in jpg, Png, the maximum size of 150KB
  • If you want to add the location you can add if needed you can even add language also
  • Under “Campaign Optimization,” choose to optimize your campaign for
  • Installs. Get new users for your app.
    In-app actions. Get new users who are likely to complete in-app actions that you select. 
  • set your target bids and budget
  • Click save and continue

Note: Depending upon Where your ad is shown your assets may appear, Your videos and assets may be cropped to fit users’ screens.

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