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Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads Steps – You need to have a verified and claimed website for this (Webmaster tools). Will not work without verification.

  • Create a google ads account.
  • Create a merchant center account
  • Link the ads account with the merchant center account
    • Settings à Linked accounts àSelect the ads account you want to link.
  • There are two options to display the ads –
    • Surfaces across google – images and websites. (free)
    • Shopping ads – the tab. (paid)
  • A shopping campaign cannot be created until the ad and merchant center accounts are linked.

  • Working on the merchant center until then-
    • Once the account is made with all the details. We get to the dashboard where we see different options like overview, products and feeds, growth, etc.
    • Feeds is the product list for our products. So for your campaign you’ll need a feed.
      • Go to the feeds tab click on the plus sign. It will ask the country language and name of the feed etc.
      • Fill them and you’’ll be asked how to setup and connect your feed. Select google sheets. Any updates will be directly applied to the account. All you need to do is keep updating the sheet.
      • Click continue and we get an option to either select an existing sheet we made or create one with google.
      • Select create one with google set the fetch frequency and time.
      • Once the feed is created. You need to open the google sheet to add the products. The template has a set of examples and instructions for reference which shows the compulsory fields for the product. It’s tedious, hire someone to do it.

    • Another important aspect in the dashboard is the Manage Programs option under Growth Tab. This lets you make the ads and certain traits active like, across google surface, Shopping ads, enabling reviews, etc.

  • Then getting back to the ads. Once the merchant account has been set up we need to create a new campaign for a shopping ad on google ads.
    • Under that we choose sales cause that’s what we are focusing on.
    • Select the merchant account linked if required. Choose the location, and all the relevant stuf.
  • Now there’s a thing called Campaign priority which focuses on the type of user (new, regular, pro). And the priority settings are low, medium and high and are inversely proportional to the bids.

    Here’s an example to help you understand the Priority.
    • Unselect google search network option because you do not want to show your product on different website that are not of use.
    • Click save and continue. It will ask the ad group type. There are two-
      • Product Shopping (recommended)
      • Showcase Shopping (does not show the prices and review etc until the user clicks on the product).
    • And Save it.
  • Google Shopping ads are Product Listing Ads (PLAs).
  • Important to retailers because –
    • Feature products on top of serp.
    • Includes visuals.
    • Additional info (reviews, prices, etc).
    • Can drive conversions for both the low and high priority targets.
  • Feed Optimization is very important.
    • Title
    • Detailed description
    • Keywords in titles and descriptions
    • Promotions
    • High quality Images
    • Extensions
    • Add labels to products (color, material, size, style etc.)
    • Categories
      • Official Google Shopping Product Categories can be found in the Google Product Taxonomy (GPC).
      • Once you’ve matched up your products based on the taxonomy, it’s important to leverage the “product types” section of your datasheet to get more granular.
      • Here’s an example of a GPC vs. a Product Type column.
      • GPC – Home & Garden > Decor > Throw Pillows
      • Product Type – Baby Kids & Teens > Crayola Kids > Throw Pillows > Crayola Crayon Bolster Pillow – Lemon Yellow
        The more details you provide, the easier it will be to get visibility and adjust bids on a granular level.
  • Now there’s again options to work on keywords and negative keywords. Keep that in mind and add keywords like free, cheap, amazon, flipkart, etc.
  • Audience Targeting is also important.

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