How to Create Twitter Account

How to create twitter account

Social media Social media Social media…This is what we hear every time we talk to our friends, colleagues …Yes because social media has a very good response from the people. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp are ruling nowadays…So, today we will learn how to create a Twitter account and how to use it.So.lets not waste the time, Let’s get started.

When I talk about Social media presence of branding of our Blog or personal Profile, we always talk about Twitter Social media sites. Yesterday, I was giving consultancy to one of my clients who happened to be a retired Army officer, and I was talking about Twitter and other Social media sites.

To my surprise, he never heard about Twitter and I realized like him, there are many newbies who are not aware of Twitter and a guide to creating a Twitter account will be useful for them to get started with it.  So, here I’m sharing a step by step guide to creating a Twitter account, and this will be a very basic guide with screenshots to understand the whole process.

My personal recommendation would be, create Two Twitter accounts if you are working on a branded domain name. One for your Personal profile and another one for your Blog.

Creating Twitter Account:

Type in your new tab of Google.

Twitter account
Twitter account

Fill your details by clicking on the signup. Then enter the details of your name, your phone number, profile picture, etc.

Twitter interests
Your interests

Twitter asks your interests so that it can show you want you need. It suggests you many fields you can search for your interested fields.

twitter interests
Twitter Interests

You can add your interests and it will be added like this,

Twitter profile pic sizes
Twitter profile picture sizes

You can upload your profile picture and the cover page with the help of Canva.In the bio section, you can use keywords in a very talented way so that your bio looks beautiful.

Before taking a username make sure your handle is available on twitter. There is a platform known as where you can check whether your name is available or not. website
namecheckr website

If it is available then go ahead with the name.

Business Tip: Make sure your username is the same for all social media.

First tweet

Write your First Tweet…Tweet contains 280 characters,previously 140 characters now it’s 280 characters.

Direct tweet
Direct tweet

You have a beautiful option on twitter which is you can use @ and any person handles,so that the tweet will directly go to that particular person.


Your tweet appears in their notifications. There you have options like comment, retweet, like & direct message.

So, this is about how to create a Twitter account.

Login with your Gmail account, fill the details, add a bio , add profile pic & header (Using canva), follow people & tweet.

More options we’ll tell you in future blogs.

Now, if you have any doubts related to this twitter just watch our Youtube Video & Subscribe to our channel for more videos.