How to create YouTube Ads through Google Ads?

Want to promote your YouTube channel?

Wondering how to get started?

With the newly redesigned Google Ads interface, managing YouTube ads is now easier than ever. If you have experience with Google ads or Facebook ads, many YouTube ad features will look familiar to you.

Here are the steps you need to take to run YouTube ads for your business.

In this article, you’ll discover how to set up a Google AdWords campaign with YouTube video.

Youtube Ad:

The ad displays 95% on Youtube,5% on Google Display Partner Websites/Mobile apps.

Types of Ads/Ad Format:

Before creating an ad make sure which type of Ad format you chose. Youtube has many Ad formats from which you can select your preferred Format. Let’s see what are they…

TrueView Ads

These ads are the ads that run before, during, or after the video & these adds works best for creating initial awareness of your brand or product. They feature a Skip button that allows users to skip the ad after 5 seconds.


Your return on investment on this YouTube ad type is higher because you only pay if the user watches for 30seconds of the video( or less for videos which are shorter than 30 seconds).

Another benefit of True View ads which many don’t know is it is free social proof. Youtube will count and publicly display on your YouTube channel all of the video views regardless of whether the users skipped the ad.

Non-Skippable In-Stream Ads:

These ads are available only for some campaign types (Reach campaigns) and can be 6-15 seconds long. If you try to upload videos that are 15 seconds longer, you’ll see an error message.

(Even though many articles say that these ads can be in between 15-20 seconds long, but YouTube specifies 15Seconds or less.)

Just like TrueView ads, these ads run before, during, or after the video content.


This ad guarantees you that viewers will see your entire message.

The cost of these ads is somewhat higher because you’re paying for each view. This is the popular YouTube ad type.

But the engagement value is lower because users are forced to watch your ad, their engagement isn’t involved as those who choose to watch a skippable ad beyond the seconds.

Bumper Ads

Video ads that are 6 seconds or shorter can be used for Bumper Ads. Users can’t skip bumper ads.

You pay for bumper ads based on the CPM (cost per mile i.e;1000 impressions). This ad format works great as a part of a video ad sequence to warm up an audience for a TrueView ad.


When creating videos for bumper and non-skippable ads, YouTube rounds up to the next minute when you upload the video. Keep the raw video under 6 seconds because even if your video is 6.1seconds then the video footage may turn into 7 seconds YouTube video after uploading it.

Other Ads:

Video Discovery Ads: These ads appear on the right side of the video or below the search bar.

Out stream Ads: Appears only on Mobiles & Tablets.

Sequence Ads: Making 3-4 Ads and targeting the customer & trying to show all the ads to him/her with the help of cookies.

How to Create an Ad:

Before creating an Ad you should have an Objective of why are you creating an ad?

YouTube has options for creating several campaign types, which determine the type of ads you can run, the placements available, and more. Depending on your ultimate campaign goal, choose one of the following options for your YouTube video ad:

  • Leads and Website Traffic are the best options for driving traffic and generating conversions from your YouTube ads.
  • Product and Brand Consideration provides opportunities for generating broader brand awareness and putting your products in front of big audiences, including influencers.
  • Brand Awareness and Reach is typically used to generate brand buzz and includes more options for ad types.

So, have a clear idea of your objective and only then take a step forward and then go for ads.

Log on to

Click on the campaign and then click on the + icon.

New campaign
New campaign

Select the video ad and then you will find many options then click on your required option. then, Click on save & continue.

They are some Apps that can help you to create a video ad.Biteable is one of the apps which I recommend.



Now, after creating a video, create a new campaign.

New campaign
New campaign

You can observe here the bidding strategy is CPV (Cost per View).

There are many different types of bids and strategies to use. Select one of these two strategies to maximize results:

  • Maximum CPV is used with TrueView ads and tells YouTube the most you want to pay for each view of your ad. For discovery ads, it determines the maximum you’re willing to pay for users to click on your ad. In some cases, it may make the difference between your ad appearing or not. For discovery ads, it also determines your ad’s position compared to other ads.
  • Target CPV is the average you’re willing to pay for your conversions. You may pay a bit more or less per individual conversion but your daily averages won’t exceed your average amount.

Control Where Your YouTube Ad Will Be Shown:

Next, you see three options for managing where your YouTube ads will be shown.


Choose from these network options to determine where your YouTube ads will run:

  • YouTube Search Results: This option is available only if you’re running discovery ads. Uncheck this option for all other types of ads.
  • YouTube Videos: This is the best option for the majority of your ads with the best balance of price and quality.
  • Video Partners on the Display Network: Select this option if you want to run YouTube ads on partner sites outside of YouTube. While it may reduce your cost, it’s also likely to significantly reduce quality.

You can target your audiences through the preferred location.

You can target the audiences through the demographics. (age,gender)

Keep unregistered users in mind when selecting your audience targeting options or you may miss out on about 65% of the inventory. To illustrate, unless you only want to show your ads to the 18–44 age group audience, always leave the Unknown category checked.

Excluded Content

You can further refine where your ads appear by excluding certain types of content such as tragedy and conflict, socially sensitive content, and shocking news. This lets you signal that you want your ads to be excluded from these categories.

Then click on save & continue.

You can control your Ad like how many times you want to show your Ad to a particular person through “Frequency Capping”.

Frequency Capping
Frequency Capping

You can target the placement i.e; Your ad will appear on the particular channel which you select.

Choose Placement Targeting

YouTube placements are one of the underutilized gems of YouTube advertising, allowing you to hyper-target your videos.

How to set up a YouTube ads campaign, step 33, placement targeting options

You can choose the exact channel (or even exact video) to place your ads on

Upload Your Video Ad to YouTube

To use a video in a YouTube ad campaign, you must first upload it to YouTube. The quality of the video and your ability to grab the viewer’s attention right away is critical to its success. Focus on making an impact in the first 5 seconds.

You can see how your ad appears if you select the required option.

Paste the URL

Then write the Heading and then Description and click on create a campaign. You can also check on the right side how many people can see your Ad. And then, your campaign will be ready.

Campaign is ready

Click on continue campaign.

Then your video Ad Campaign is ready, but it takes 2-3 days to get your Ad monetized. Only after monetization, your ad will go Live.

This is how you create Youtube Ads.


YouTube is a fast-growing advertising platform that can deliver great results at a relatively low cost. In addition to creating great ads, you also must understand the campaign set up best practices, and experiment with different audiences and campaign sequences.

Start small, learn from your experience, and optimize your YouTube ads for the future.

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