How to create YouTube True View video campaign Adwords

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In this article, you will be learning how to create True View Video campaign in Adwords. Before diving into this you need to understand what is True view youtube Adwords. The video campaign is the best way to reach and engage the audience YouTube and across the web. You can view and manage video ads campaigns right in the AdWords

To create a Video ad campaign, you must be the hoster of youtube channel
If you want to run both in-stream and video discovery formats in the same video campaign, you will need to create multiple ad groups

YouTube Video Ad Campaign

  • Sign in to Google Adwords account
  • Click on +campaign
  • click on a Video campaign
  • there you can see options called custom video campaign, non-skippable instream ad, Outstream, Drive Conversions, Ad sequence. select according to your wish
  • click on Continue
  • Give a campaign name
  • Enter a campaign name, select your budget, locations, and choose the networks you want the video campaign to run on.
  • Choose the locations where you want to target (or exclude) your campaign.
    Choose the language of your customers.
  • (Optional) Choose the devices you want to show your ads on. You can target particular operating systems, device models, and carriers. By default, your ads will show on all eligible devices.
  • Optional) Edit your campaign’s advanced settings.
  • Enter an ad group name.
  • Set a bid amount.
  • Edit the targeting methods you want to use for your ads. By default, your ads will show to all viewers.
  • Next to “Your YouTube video,” choose a YouTube video.
  • Next to “Video ad format choose an ad format. Enter the required information.
  • Click Save and continue.

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