How to get Backlinks and Traffic through Forum Posting

Forum Posting is an off-site SEO Technique and an effective way to get your website on the top of the Page ranks.

Let me tell you about what actually forum means. A forum is a place or a gathering where people of similar interest can discuss their ideas or topics.

Forum posting gets us Relatable Information about the topics that we are interested in and it solves our queries, providing us different perceptions,  ideas, solutions at the same place.

Forum posting sites are built and developed according to the user, where someone can easily post a query and get answers from the similar users, who are working on the same thing or has knowledge about it.

Here are some forum posting websites

Procedure to post in Forum Posting Websites

  1. Open any Forum Posting Websites [ if you are beginner Check that you are logging into a free one ]
  2. Create your profile on the website
  3. Ask a Query or post a Question which you want us to answer.
    • [ Note: if you are having  a website and if you want to  get traffic to it , Ask a query and give a link to the landing page to your website Where people can come and answer your question.]
  4. If you don’t have a question, just answer any of the queries and give a link back to the website where people can come up with their answers.

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