How to Increase Website Traffic?

Twitter counts a total number of 328 million monthly active users, with more than 500 million tweets sent each day. This brings out a great opportunity for brands to take advantage of the platform to promote their presence.

Over the past few years, Twitter has expanded its promotion types in order to encourage more brands to promote their business through its platform.

Twitter facts, Twitter followers, Twitter ads...till now we learned about all of these.

So, now do you Want to know how to increase your website traffic through twitter ads?

Read on…


Twitter quote
Twitter quote

Before creating a twitter ad you need to be clear about certain things like…

Objective: Website clicks

Website clicks or conversions

Achieving conversions via social media is a universal challenge. A Twitter ad campaign that focuses on website clicks or conversions is useful in the promotion of a guide, a special offer, or product purchase. The cost depends on the number of clicks, while a conversion campaign can provide an overview of the actual conversions, rather than simply the number of clicks.

Choose your objective
Choose your objective

Creative: How you want to present your ad? (text,display etc)

Audience: Whom you want to target? (Age,gender,locality)

Bid: How much you want to pay for the ad? (Daily budget & CPI)

Results...After setting everything perfect as mentioned above check the results.

Conversion tracking (Track How many are getting converged)

Remarketing (For the one who saw your ad but didn’t covert?)

Global site tag (Conversion tracking & Remarketing is possible with this)

Go to


Click on creatives to select twitter cards.

Select website cards & create a website card.

Select create campaign & select website clicks.

Ad Group:

You can create multiple ad groups.

Optimization preference: Link clicks.

Target Audience:

One of the most interesting features in Twitter Ads is the targeting options they offer. Twitter Ads become more effective by reaching the most relevant audience for each occasion.

Twitter’s targeting capabilities include:

  • Language: Narrow down the audience to a particular language.
  • Gender: Target a specific gender.
  • Follower: Target the followers of relevant accounts to increase the chances of finding an engaged audience.
  • Device: Focus on particular devices to increase the chances of an effective campaign
  • Behavior: Reach the audience that matches your brand’s expectations regarding their shopping and spending habits
  • Tailored Audiences: Upload your CRM lists and find specific people on Twitter
  • Keyword: Target people who used a particular keyword in their recent tweets
  • Geography: Focus on specific geographic areas depending on the needs of each campaign
  • TV: As Twitter improves its relationship with TV networks, this targeting allows a brand to engage with TV fans around specific shows, spanning from the network to the genre of the sho

Setting a Budget:

Setting a budget for your campaign can depend on what your goals are. In general, the budget and the bidding options are adjusted through each individual campaign.

Twitter allows you to set a daily budget, along with a total budget for the campaign as a whole, to make sure that you don’t go over-budget by accident.

Bidding can be automatic, or it can include a maximum bid. This may reflect each company’s budget, but also the competition on each campaign and the targeted audience. Thus, the budget may be different from one campaign to another, especially when reaching a new audience.

Audience Features:

Audience features
Audience features

Events: Target People who are interested in particular events or conferences.

Interests: Find the perfect audience through the interests that match your brand’s product.Target people who have particular interests.( ex: sports,health,movies)

Conversation Topics: Target people who are talking about active topics.

Follower look-alike: Find your competitor & post your ad in their platform so that people who are following them can see your ad, with that you can increase your website traffic.

Keywords: Target people who are actively searching for particular keywords, tweeted with, or engaged with tweets.

Movies & TV Shows: Target People who are actively watching movies & TV shows. This is good for Movie Promotions.

Retarget people: If you select this option it means you want to show this ad to all the people who saw your past tweets.

Expand your Audience: You can just ignore this option.


Click on create a tweet and then click on cards ( twitter cards) and tweet as you want to.


To drive traffic, you’ll want to create a Website card. You can also create lead gen cards to grow your mailing list or app cards to increase downloads.

Promoted only: If you are selecting this option, then you are telling twitter that your ad should go only to the targeted audience.

Ad Placements:

Check where your ad comes.

ad placements
Ad Placements

User’s Timeline: Ad appears on other’s timeline.

Profile’s: Ad appears on other’s profiles.

Search Results: Ad appears near the search bar.

Twitter Audience Platforms: Your ad appears on all the websites & apps which are partners with Twitter.

Campaign Review:

After completing all the above process, then please check, please review the campaign details. Then click on the launch campaign and then Launch your Campaign.

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