How to Increase Your Twitter Followers?

We already know about Twitter ads and its uses but now we will know how those twitter ads help us to increase the followers.

So, as we already know how to create a Twitter account, and how twitter ads increase the Website traffic, App installations. Twitter ads also help us in increasing followers so, now let’s see how is it possible.

Having followers on Twitter is very valuable for your business. Not only does it allow you to have social proof and be perceived as an authority figure in your industry, but these followers can also see your tweets and can help you spread the word about your business thanks to retweets.

Plus, followers can become quality leads for your business or you can monetize them by getting paid to tweet.Although there are many ways you can get more followers on Twitter, one of the fastest ways is through Twitter ads.

In order to run a successful Twitter campaign for followers, you need to follow a few steps as follows.

Twitter ads:

Twitter Objective

Objective: You must have an objective to create a campaign.

Audience: You can target the audience whom you want to target.

Bid: Select the bid amount.

Creative: How you want to show your ad and then get the results.

Choose Followers as your required objective.

Give the campaign name, then select how you want to transfer the funds, then enter your required amount of bid. You can select the start & end date to display your ad.Choose standard option.

Ad group setup
Ad group setup

Set up an ad group to give your details and fill the required forms.

Bid type:

  • Automatic bid: This type of bid permits Twitter to bill you the most cost-effective amount every time your audience engages with your ad content. The cost of Twitter bills you are based on your ad group’s budget and audience parameters.
  • Maximum bid: This type of bid gives you full control over how much money you’re willing to pay every time your audience engages with your ad content.
  • Target bid: This type of bid allows you to specify how much money from your ad group’s budget you’d like Twitter to bill you every time your audience engages with your ad content. The price you’re billed will reflect the daily average cost of each ad placement within your audience.

Automatic bid is recommended. You can also set up the bid unit price

If you have campaigns previously then the Tailored audience option is good or else leave it. Select the age group and gender whom you want to target and then enter the location, which you want to target. Always make sure that your targeted location is narrow.

You add a tweet with media it will not be appeared so better go for the plain one.

So, after your tweet…Twitter shows people that is twitter suggests whom to follow based upon the user’s interests. So, there is a good chance that your ad will appear there. Obviously, you have a chance of getting more followers.

Review and launch your campaign.

Recheck the campaign details.

Finally, select the “Review your campaign” button, as shown above, to look over your campaign details. If everything looks correct, hit the “Launch campaign” at the top-righthand corner of your screen to run the campaign.

Once you complete the payment, from the next day you can see the analytics. How much twitter is charging you per follower, how many followers you got etc.

This is how Twitter ads help you in Increasing Followers.

Now, you have a complete idea to make followers, so make twitter ads and increase your followers today.

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