How to Make a WordPress Website

Are you looking to make a website? Starting a website can be a terrifying thought specially when you’re not techy. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Having helped over 150,000+ people make a website with WordPress, we have decided to create the most comprehensive step by step guide on how to make a website without learning how to code.

If you want to do it by yourself, then please continue to follow our step by step guide on how to make a website.

So Let Get Started…

Step by Step Procedure Of Creating a WordPress Website:

After buying the domain and the hosting from Godaddy they will provide you the User Id & the password.

Login with the User Id & the password…to log in type your domain name/-wp admin & the page will be like this.

After logging into WordPress, it will take you to the dashboard. The Step by step procedure of creating the website is here:

1.PAGES-( ex: Home About Us Contact us Services)

2.MENU-(Arranging pages in a proper manner)

3.THEME-(Select your preferred theme & activate it)

4.CUSTOMIZE-(Customize your theme & your website will be ready)

Designing the Website

Click on pages, then add new, write the title and then click on publish to publish it.

Then click on Menu, name the menu and add the required info here and publish it. After that, you need to arrange the menu in proper order so click on appearance and then select menu option. So here you can customize your menu like arranging the pages in the proper chronological order. After that, you can arrange your submenus by dragging them to the right of the main menu.

For example, if you are designing any hospital website then your menus & submenus will be like this

Menus & Submenus
Menus and submenus

Now to add Themes to your website click on themes search for the latest and popular theme and install them.WordPress gives you a beautiful option to customize your theme as per your requirement so click on customize and customize your theme.

After customizing properly you can create a beautiful website like this: This is my ODMT website

For this, you need to install some go to widgets click on plugins & install all the required plugins and activate them.

There are different tools in WordPress like:

Contact Form: Supsystic

Sidebar: Accordion

Live Chat: live chat

Personal: Supsystic


Pop up’s: Supsystic

Social share buttons: Supsystic

Whatsapp: Click to chat

Phone: Call us now

Scrolling text, service box, Image Carosole, Counter, etc

If you like any website theme then on google click on  wpthemedetector then check it and install it.

So, What are you waiting for…Start designing your website now…

If you have any queries watch our video: