How to set up a count down customization in Google Ads

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If you want customers to know about your sales and upcoming events. Then Google Ads comes up with the incredible tools that help advertisers to quickly show the events without having to delete or re-add the ad
or wait for policy checks

In this post, you are going to learn how to use Countdown customizers in Google ads. Using countdown customizers in your text ads allows you to include dynamic details about when an event is going to take place and helps to increase urgency in the customer

For example, we can use the countdown customizer to highlight when the sale is ending, when a product is launching or anything other events

The countdown will automatically update depending on when someone sees your ad. So take a look of countdown customizers

Here are two examples of ads that include a countdown customzier

we can see the ad on the left side says that ad ends in 4 hours and ad on the right side says that sale ends in 1 hour

And here is what happens to next hour when the customer sees the ad it says sale ends in 3 hours for the left side and sale ends in 1 hour for the left side As we can see using countdown customizers can make your ads more dynamic and more engaging as people see your ads

Now lets heads to Google AdWords to see how to add countdown customizers to our ad

  • The first thing we need to do is create a new ad,
  • select the campaign than an ad group
  • select ads and extensions

now we need to create a text ad. We can add the customizers to the headings, descriptions of our ad

lets add an opening curly bracket to our headline. we can see and select different types of ad customizers

we can now set the date and time that our that countdown ends and when we wants the countdown to start. Your ad will only show during this period

Your ad will also automatically stop showing once the event date and time has been reached

So..thats how you can add a simple countdown to your text add in Google Adwords

You can also use a countdown customizer for recurring events that is through Ad customizer

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