How to setup Tracking Template

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What is Tracking template

Tracking Template in Google Adwords helps you to track the information of the ad clicks. This template allows you to specify the URL parameters that give you the information about the keyword, network, placement, etc that drove the click

What is the use of Tracking Template

while creating an ad you specify the landing page that wants the customer to be landed. when the customer clicks on your ad he then directly taken to the landing page. When you use tracking template with the specific parameters you can able to track the information about the click: (what led the customer to click the ad)

This step will offer you additional information other than how many clicks your ad acquired

To improve your ad performance and draw relevant clicks this information would be more useful.
This is provided by setting up parameters that track down what led to the click. This insight can help you plan better and optimize your campaigns for better performance

Set up your Adwords tracking template

  • Sign in to your Google Adwords account
  • Click on settings and then account settings
  • There you can see an option called tracking
  • navigate into tracking where you have to edit the tracking template.
    Make the changes in the tracking template and add the parameters that you wish to track. Test the URLs for any errors.

You can edit tracking template at the account level, campaign level, Adgroup level

What kind of search parameters that we have to include in the tracking template and how ??

Tracking template starts with {lpurl} returns the final URL link that you have added in the ad messaging, so make sure to add it at the start of the template. It is followed by a ‘?’ and the name of parameters. You can add multiple parameters but each need to be separated by an ‘&’.

For example : {lpurl}?source={network}&placement={placement}&keyword={keyword}&matchtype={match type}

When the user clicks on ad these parameters get triggered
 to capture the respective details.

With these steps, you can start tracking your Adwords account and start tracking the source of the clicks received.

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